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3.75 Billion FUN Tokens Acquired by for Promoting iGaming Transparency

As per the latest reports, has reportedly acquired the majority of the remaining FUN tokens from the cold storage of the FunFair platform. exists as one of the largest iGaming website portals in the entire world that are based on Bitcoin (BTC). For those who are not aware, the native cryptocurrency for the FunFair gaming ecosystem is FUN tokens.

The sources suggest that the total number of FUN tokens present in the cold storage of FunFair was 4.45 billion. According to the latest reports, now has 3.75 billion FUN tokens under its belt after the recent purchase.

The platform “” has also shared its future plans that it is going to execute with the help of the FUN tokens. The firm will be investing its resources and technology for the long-term development of the FUN tokens. has been around since 2013 and ever since its launch, the platform has been involved in providing the best experience to the users. The platform exists to provide complete transparency, a truly fair, and frictionless experience. The firm has always been on the lookout for introducing technologies and services that can enhance this experience for gaming enthusiasts.

This is the reason why has acquired FUN tokens because they do not see any other token to be more fitting than FUN tokens when it comes to making the efforts more efficient for the company.

The FUN tokens hold very high significance in the advancement sector of the iGaming experience. Therefore, it is going to utilize the service and benefit provided by the FUN tokens and take their services to the next level.

As far as the FUN tokens are concerned, the cryptocurrency asset has been around since 2017. The platform was developed and launched with the same goal as At the time of the launch, FunFair Technologies stated that the creation of their platform is to provide gamers with a completely decentralized as well as a fair gaming experience.

FunFair Technologies is one of the pioneers when it comes to providing gamers a fair experience through decentralized networks based on blockchain platforms.

The gamers on the platform have the option of using the FUN tokens in order to acquire services and other benefits while being on the gaming platforms.

The FunFair Technologies team stated that they have been collaborating with several other companies ever since their launch. However, what they have found in is something new, innovative, and adventurous. Therefore, they are hoping to stick around with for as long as they can to see how this adventure turns out to be for both parties.

The team at FunFair stated that the development services and mechanisms they have seen and observed at are far more superior to any other platform they have already worked with.

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