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$6 Million Funds Reportedly Raised by TON Labs

As per the latest reports, TON Labs has announced that it has successfully raised $6 million. The firm has announced that it has managed to raise these funds through an investment round. TON Labs reportedly exists as Free TON blockchain’s development arm.

TON Labs has confirmed it was Runa Capital, a venture capital firm that led the investment round. TON Labs has revealed that with the funds raised through the investment round, they will be introducing new products. The TON Lab will be working to building a new ecosystem on the Free TON blockchain that will prove to be very essential for the products.

At present, the Free TON blockchain is considered to be one of the fastest protocols in the decentralized space. The Free TON blockchain has managed to gain this much prominence and reputation due to it the dynamic sharing mechanisms it offers.

One of the general partners at Runa Capital, Dmitry Chikhachev shared his remarks on the Free TON blockchain. He stated that over the course of time, the Free TON blockchain has proven to be one of the most promising decentralized platforms in the crypto-verse.

This is the reason why the platform has been gaining so much adoption and widespread success all over the crypto-industry. Chikhachev also stated that the Free TON blockchain is the only project that has managed to receive direct funding from Runa Capital.

The major reason behind this is because Runa Capital is confident that the Free TON blockchain has the ability to deliver what it claims. The blockchain has always managed to surprise the industry and has taken technology to the next level with its contribution.

They are confident that the Free TON blockchain will continue doing the same and hit new records and introduce more reliable, effective, and profitable products to the investors.

He added that Runa Capital has always been an investment firm that tends to invest more in software and deep tech. They are fully aware of the challenges that the Free TON blockchain had to face in the initial phases of its launch.

They are also aware that the industry is constantly met with new challenges and this is what makes Free TON blockchain one of the most unique and competitive blockchains in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Free TON blockchain is a veteran when it comes to facing challenges head-on and finds a solution to resolve those challenges in a timely manner.

In the end, he stated that Runa Capital sees a lot of potential in the Free TON blockchain and they are ready to invest in the project as it will eventually turn out to be one of the largest in the crypto-verse.

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