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A Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Has Invested in Cryptocurrencies

As per the latest reports, Christopher Giancarlo has turned out to be an investor in cryptocurrencies. Christopher Giancarlo was formerly the chair at CFTC and was prominently known as “crypto dad”. On the other hand, there is another personality who is a prominent hedge fund manager, Marc Lasry.

It has been confirmed that the hedge fund manager as well as the former CFTC chair have recently made an investment in one of the cryptocurrency capitals. The sources have revealed that the investment made by the high-profile individuals were made in the BlockTower Capital.

Although the reports of the investments from both individuals have been confirmed, it is yet to be confirmed as to how much has been invested by each individual.

As per sources, BlockTower Capital is not the only platform that they have invested in. They have also made an undisclosed amount of investments in cryptocurrencies.

BlockTower exists as an investment firm that was founded back in 2017. The platform is known for its unique mechanism that allows the funds to be invested in different projects. The major projects that the platform is known for allocating funds include blockchain-based networks and cryptocurrencies.

It has been revealed that the BlockTower has been receiving a lot of support and investments from different investors. According to one of the crypto-reporting firms “Bloomberg”, BlockTower has started receiving investments from mainstream institutions. Many of the mainstream institutions that have invested through BlockTower are prominent names in the entire world.

Although it has been confirmed that Giancarlo and Lasry are now involved with the project, it is yet to be established as to what kind of deal has been finalized between the parties involved.

For those who are yet to be acquainted with Lasry, he is a billionaire hedge fund manager who owns many things. Some of his major achievements include being the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, which is a prominent NBA team. The next achievement is that Lasry is also the CEO and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group.

As for Giancarlo, he was appointed as the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC)’s 13th Chairman. As the chairman at CFTC, Giancarlo served the country for five straight years (from 2014 to 2019).

Throughout Giancarlo’s tenure as the CFTC chairman, he earned a lot of respect and recognition in the cryptocurrency industry. This is the reason why he was given the title of “crypto dad” by the cryptocurrency community from the United States.

Ever since the launch of the first cryptocurrency “bitcoin” back in 2009, Giancarlo has been a huge supporter of the industry. He has always spoken highly of digital currencies and it was during his tenure when Bitcoin (BTC) was given legal status to trade in the country.

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