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A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin for New Comers

Cryptocurrencies are secured digital currencies that allow traders to use complex mathematical codes or algorithms known as cryptography. Bitcoin or BTC was the first digital coin that took the world by storm since its founding in 2009. It is still the most popular and one of the most successful cryptocurrencies to trade and make significant profits. 

The founder of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, who wanted to develop an electronic payment system that can operate on a peer-to-peer system without any central supervision or government institution. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin enable you to remain anonymous by using encrypted keys, though it does not allow you to trace any transactions back. You can transfer and withdraw your bitcoins anywhere around the world. 

Investing or trading BTCs is an attractive option for many people, mainly because of the additional incentive of low entry levels. It requires you to know the trading basics and the associated risks of the market. 

Bitcoin Mining

Instead of printing, bitcoin mining is the process of generating some coins. Bitcoin mining needs highly powered hardware and lots of meticulous work. People who mine the cryptocurrency are crypto miners who can get rewarded up to 12.5 virtual coins for each bitcoin they generate. Mining is also handy in verifying previous Bitcoin transactions.  

According to statistics, the number of new BTCs mined every day is almost 18,000. Decided by Satoshi Nakamoto, the maximum limit of producing bitcoin is up 21 million. It is miners’ job to check the accuracy of transaction blocks before they add them to the blockchain. It is a new crypto technology and a cycle of data blocks that provide an absolute record of past bitcoin truncations. 

With these verification checks, miners make sure there is no duplication of BTCs. The blockchain plays the role of a ledger, allowing everyone to download and check the transaction. However, it never allows anyone to tamper with data that is already available to the blockchain. Miners need to verify bitcoin transactions of 1MB worth besides solving a complex numerical problem to earn their BTCs. This process is best known as proof of work.  

Risks Associated with Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin has been tremendously successful over the past couple of years. It has attracted many investors and traders to capitalize on the opportunities BTCs trading can bring. The crypto market is still new to the world. While bitcoin trading has the potential to make money, it involves several risks as well, requiring you to have a clear idea of the downsides before stepping into trading. 

1. Volatility 

The bitcoin market is very volatile. The price of digital coins keeps going up and down, which makes it hard to predict what can happen in a specific period. Although volatility can result in healthy profits, it does not eliminate the odds of massive losses, especially if you misinterpret the next happening. 

2. Scams & Cyber Attacks

With little regulation of the cryptocurrency market, security becomes a crucial issue. Although there are several reputable bitcoin exchanges, the presence of new and scam platforms is undeniable. Nobody can deny the instances where fake crypto trading exchanges have deceived several traders, making them bankrupt. Similarly, cyber-attacks are an enormous risk to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Hackers can steal your bitcoins or hack your crypto account. If your crypto account gets hacked or your crypto coins get stolen, there is no way to get them back.

3. Technology Dependency

Every cryptocurrency entirely relies on technology. It makes it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and scams. Likewise, if the crypto technology gets shut down due to any reasons, your digital currency will have no worth at all. 

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