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A Business from Canada is now the First Lightning Network Company

Ever since the beginning of the year 2021, many companies from around the world are trying to adopt the Lightning Network. While many companies from all over the world are going for the network, a business in Canada has won the race.

It has now become the first company in the entire world that has adopted Lightning Network. The company is already listed publicly and has revealed it fully intends to adopt the Lightning Network.

The name of the particular company that has adopted the Lightning Network is LQwD FinTech Corp. The company is currently publicly listed and trades with the symbols OTCQB:LQWDF and TSXV:LQWD.

It was back in November of 2020 when Interlapse had made an announcement in regards to the acquisition of shares for LQwD. Interlapse had announced that it had planned for the 100% acquisition of the outstanding and issued shares of LQwD.

LQwD is known as a Bitcoin company that focuses on providing enterprise-grade liquidity, tools, and infrastructure for the growth of the ecosystem of the Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network exists as a layer-two solution that has been developed to reside over the Bitcoin blockchain. The purpose behind the creation and launch of the Lightning Network is to achieve cheap, instantaneous, off-chain, and scalable payments.

LQwD has made many claims about the Lightning Network. As per the Bitcoin Company, the technology it has adopted would prove to be the future of the monetary network. The best thing about the technology is that it is already in place, it is already better and it is already functioning.

So far, many firms have expressed the intention of adopting the technology, which means that it is constantly growing. The technology would continue growing bigger and better, soon, it would take over the monetary network.

A lot of enthusiasm has been found among several firms when it comes to the adoption of layer-two solutions. The solution offers one of the best technologies for the higher scaling of Bitcoin. The technology also offers inexpensive, near-instant, and global transactions through its network for Bitcoin (BTC).

Ever since the beginning of 2020, the Bitcoin (BTC) network has been plagued with delayed and high transaction costs. The Bitcoin (BTC) users have been complaining about how the network is now getting limited and bringing in more challenges.

This is when the Lightning Network is set to offer the best support and service to the users, and become the best solution in the cryptocurrency industry. When it comes to the recognition of the Lightning Network, its performance in the industry has not gone unnoticed.

Even the second richest person in the entire world Elon Musk was seen talking about the need for Lightning Network through his Twitter profile.

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