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A Fully Decentralized Casino “Playza” Gets Launched on TRON

As per the latest reports, the team at Playza has announced that the platform is launching through the TRON network. Playza is prominently known as a casino that is based on the blockchain network. Playza has been created as a platform that would offer cryptocurrency users the most reliable, transparent, and fair online gaming experience.

However, the platform fully adheres to the restricted areas and eligible jurisdictions, providing players with a wide range of casino games from the traditional catalogs.

Playza has announced that the registration process on the platform will be kept extremely convenient for the users. There will be no signing-ups required for the joining of the Playza platform. The users will neither be asked to make any deposits or withdrawals to be able to use the platform.

Playza has revealed that at the launch of the project, two major cryptocurrency tokens will be accepted. The users will be able to make deposits through TRX or TRON tokens. The company has announced that they are not planning to keep the digital-asset variety to TRX or TRON tokens.

They are aiming to introduce more digital assets in the coming days but for now, users will have to manage with these. Playza has hinted that in the coming days/weeks/months, they may introduce ETH or EOS.

Once the players land on the Playza platform, they will be free to play any of the roulette or slots they like. They will have access to all other games provided by Playza, so they will be able to enjoy any game they like.

The players will also be able to gain from the betting games that Playza has made available for them on the platform. The players would be able to do it with the help of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet among TRON users. The name of the crypto wallet that is highly adopted and trusted among the TRON community is TRONLink.

Just like other decentralized or blockchain-based platforms, Playza also serves the same purpose, providing users with the same facility. By using Playza, the users simply cancel out any interference that the third parties or intermediaries cause in such games.

When playing games through Playza, all the decisions, all the games, and all the jackpots or prizes won by players are theirs to keep. They will not be approached or any third party for any purpose on the Playza platform.

As of now, Playza does not have any native tokens that it can support or give to the active players as rewards. However, Playza has announced that it will be distributing dividends of 10% of its total revenue among the most active and regular players on the platform.

At Playza, the users have the freedom of making a deposit/withdrawal of any amount they like as there are no limitations.

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