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Abkhazia Crypto Miners Face Browsing Restrictions on Internet

Crypto miners in Abkhazia have been facing restrictions on browsing websites because the Government therein doesn’t want them to access certain websites which are normally accessed by miners. The move has been taken by the Government in an effort to deal with the electricity crisis, reduction of mining activities, and curtailing the imports of equipment required by the miners from Republic of Georgia.

Under the instructions of the Government in Abkhazia, the media and telecom sector authorities had imposed certain bans. The bans were imposed particularly on the internet where the authorities wanted to curtail access to certain websites. However, the telecom sector with the collaboration of media has now extended the ban which is going to inevitably affect the crypto minting process.

An order has been approved a committee of the Mass Media & Digital Development. In this order the authority has restricted internet use wherein access to certain web pages have been intentionally curtailed. One of the most affected party to the decisions is the Abkhazia’s crypto mining industry which was also suffering the ban since December, 2020.

The initial ban was imposed in December 2020 which was supposed to end on 31st May, 2021. However, when the period of ban was expired, once again crypto mining industry started to access website, which they couldn’t because of ban. In the meanwhile, the crisis, because of which ban was imposed in the first place, again popped up. Once again it has been noticed by the Government that the electricity crisis is still there and the situation hasn’t improved a bit. On the other hand, mining is on its peak which is causing huge electricity crisis in the country. Thirdly, more and more equipment is being acquired by crypto mining firms. Majority of this equipment has been imported from the Republic of Georgia.

For the purposes of curtailing import of further equipment and to improve electricity condition, the ban has been imposed. The Government Authorities are of the view that the ban would enable them to control the crisis. They think that because of mining activities, there has been a shortage of electricity in the country. Similarly, if more machines are allowed to come in then that would mean more mining which would literally mean usage of more electricity.

The recent ban will be lifted on 31st March, 2022, if there were no further extensions. Internet service providers have been specifically told to implement the ban in full force. They are required to block access to such websites which are usually visited by miners in Abkhazia. In addition, the Government is also in the notice of certain websites which allow online minting of cryptocurrencies. Even these online websites too have been blocked under the ban so that no one can mine crypto privately.

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