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AMC has an Adoption Agenda and Cryptocurrencies are In It

When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the digital and entertainment sectors are the ones that are finding cryptocurrencies highly profitable. Over the course of time, cryptocurrencies have demonstrated with their potential how important it is for any mainstream firm to adopt them.

Despite all regulatory pressure and opposition, cryptocurrencies have continued sailing and it is now among the most advanced technologies in the world.

One of the major digital and online platforms to adopt cryptocurrencies was none other than PayPal. PayPal officially announced the adoption of cryptocurrencies back in October of 2020. Since then, PayPal’s contributed a lot to the progress and worldwide adoption of the cryptocurrency sector.

It is because of cryptocurrencies that PayPal has managed to double its benefits and revenues in less than 12 months. The platform is constantly growing bigger and it is launching several products and services for the benefit of cryptocurrency users.

The biggest example of PayPal’s huge success in cryptocurrencies is the user base that it has recorded in a matter of 12 months. PayPal has been around since 1999 and coming all the way up to October of 2020, the user base it had was 334 million.

At the time of writing, PayPal’s active user base is roughly around 400 million. This means that in a matter of 12 months, it has accumulated 66 million more users on its platform. This is almost 20% of the total user base it accumulated in over two decades.

Now, the next company aiming to benefit from cryptocurrencies is AMC Entertainment that had recently made an announcement around crypto-adoption. The firm had announced that by the end of 2022, it was planning to adopt and offer Bitcoin payments’ option to the customers.

However, AMC Entertainment has made another announcement in regards to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The firm has announced that it will be offering much more than Bitcoin in terms of payments option. The customers will have access to purchasing their tickets in more than one kind of cryptocurrency.

The firm has announced that it has decided that it will be adding more cryptocurrencies to the crypto-acceptance policy it is working on.

Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Entertainment was the one providing more details in the recent additions to their cryptocurrency acceptance policy. Aron stated that they are highly considering adding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ether (ETH) to the policy.

Adam Aron reportedly made the announcement in regards to the amendment in crypto-acceptance policy on Thursday, through his Twitter profile.

Aron revealed that they have decided to go for cryptocurrencies because too many of the moviegoers were demanding for crypto payments method. Therefore, they have decided that they will reconsider their options and cryptocurrencies, and add them as per their needs.

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