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Around 5,000 OVRLand NFTs Are Being Sold Everyday

As per the latest reports, OVRLand has achieved a new target in the non-fungible token (NFT) industry. The firm has announced that on a daily basis, it is selling different OVR NFTs. At present, the total number of different NFTs they are selling is around 5,000.

The firm has announced that ever since the launch of the NFT, the platform has managed to sell 60,000 NFTs. The 60,000 NFT figure has been achieved by OVRLand since it first launched back in November of 2020. This shows that the business for OVR NFT has just picked up the pace and is now on the right track.

On top of that, the token for OVR is also set to gain more value and price with respect to its requirements. At present, the OVR has managed to hit an all-time high of the $1 mark. It has been revealed that the OVRLand token is available through the ERC721 token.

The ERC721 token means that there is a particular interface where the players can gain access to a 3D environment. Once accessed, the users can use the platform to host tournaments, events, and games.

With the help of OVRLand, OVR is constantly gaining a lot of adoption and user-base. It is no longer hidden from anyone that the non-fungible token (NFT) industry has turned out to be the best product ever produced by the cryptocurrency industry.

It is not just the online sector but other sports, music, and artwork sectors have also started investing in NFT technology. This is the reason why the NFT business has been gaining a lot of growth, development, and success lately.

At the time of writing, the NFT for OVR is being dealt with at a price of $1 but it wasn’t the same when it had started initially. Back in November 2020 when the OVR NFT had launched, its prices were $0.07. It was recently announced that the OVR NFT had been listed on the Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange. OVRLand has revealed that it has volumes of 10 million OVR on the Uniswap exchange.

The OVR NFT can also be found on a couple of more cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitmart, and MXC. There are reports that OVR will soon be listed on another cryptocurrency exchange and the name of the exchange is Loopring.

In the month of November 2020, IBCO was also launched by OVR and so far, IBCO has managed to generate $5 million in collateral. Unlike other NFTs, the OVR NFTs have more purposes that they serve apart from being collectibles in nature.

It has been reported that the users who purchase the OVRLand can also go for the augmented reality experiences to enhance their experience.

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