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Axie Infinity Takes the Lead Showing 100% Upwards Trend in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) System

It has been reported that the entire has turned out to be very blessed for the decentralized financing (DeFi) ecosystem. Towards the end of the week, every major in the DeFi ecosystem has reported having experienced an upward trend. Almost every DeFi major has reported that they have seen 100 percent growth in their business.

However, one Non-Fungible-Tokens entity has been at the top when it comes to the NFT upward trends. Among all other entities in the NFT space, Axie Infinity has outshined all other entities and has become the flag-bearer in the NFT space. For those unaware of Axie Infinity, it is an NFT game that has been developed following inspiration from a world-renowned anime, Pokemon.

The Axie Infinity team has revealed some surprising as well as promising stats around their game’s growth. The gaming company confirmed that they have experienced a sale of 300 ether. This amount of ether sold in a week is currently the highest record in the history of Axie Infinity.

The Axie Infinity game lets players buy and use critters for battles in a number of arena. The game also allows the players to set up their lands/plots and make upgrades. From time to time, the players can find AXS tokens on their lands that they can gather.

One of the most popular critters among the Axie Infinity gaming community is the eye-popping beautiful critter, Angel. It is currently 1 out of the 19 creatures that are available in the ‘triple mystic’ class.

The Axie Marketing team reported that the critter ‘Angel’ saw the record-breaking sales on Friday and went out-of-stock. The sale was live on the NFT marketplace that is known as ‘Opensea’. At the Opensea marketplace, the critter ‘Angel’ was re-listed for sale again where it again saw sales of total 666 ether.

The number of sales was followed by the updates and the news that were launched by the game developing teams in the same week. Furthermore, the Axie Infinity development team also arranged a Livestream for the Axie Infinity tournament ‘The Last Lunacian’. These updates and maneuvers also helped the Axie teams bring in more fan following and purchases from the players.

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