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Bitcoin (BTC) has Gained an Enormous Social Media Attention

Towards the end of the year 2020 and right in the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) has turned out to be the biggest blast. Ever since the year 2020 started, Bitcoin (BTC) has been catching up to every asset that is come in its way. Whether it is fiat currency or commodity, it has been reigning over all the assets.

By now, the asset has gained so much adoption and recognition that analysts have started comparing it with Gold and Dollar. Ever since the cryptocurrency industry started, the only thing that the industry needed was mainstream success and adoption.

Although the cryptocurrency industry faced too many obstacles and is still facing them, yet the industry has achieved its goal in 2020. When the pandemic hit the entire world, it was the cryptocurrency industry that proved to be the best source of income for the people who had lost their jobs to COVID-19.

In a matter of a year, the crypto user-base increased from 35 million to 100 million and the numbers keep growing. Although Bitcoin (BTC) started back in 2009, yet it was the year 2020 when the cryptocurrency has finally gained mainstream success.

As of now, Bitcoin’s price in the market is more than $33k per BTC and there is no stopping it. When it comes to promoting the cryptocurrency industry, the industry cannot thank the Twitter platform enough.

It has given an enormous amount of support to the crypto-industry by offering its platform to the crypto-entities to share their views and information. Twitter is the very platform where the majority of the crypto-firms and personalities prefer interacting with their users and followers.

The Twitter platform is keeping a close eye on the growth and performance of the cryptocurrency industry. Just recently, the Twitter platform has shared its analysis report on Bitcoin, showing how much interest the asset has gained from the social media users-community.

The social media platform has revealed that it has experienced an enormous rise in the interest rate of Bitcoin (BTC) from social media users.

Even one of the most prominent on-chain analysis firms ‘TIE’ shared its findings around the Twitter platform. The firm revealed how many unique Twitter handles are tweeting about Bitcoin (BTC). The firm confirmed that the current number of tweets being observed around Bitcoin (BTC) is an all-time high.

The firm revealed that it was back in 2017 when there were 64,000 Twitter handles tweeting on Bitcoin (BTC). As per TIE, the recent figures show and have shadowed the 64,000 marks. The firm has revealed that it has observed an all-time high figure of 66,832 tweets from unique Twitter handlers around Bitcoin (BTC).

The CEO of TIE ‘Joshua Frank’ has stated that with every passing day, the interest in Bitcoin (BTC) grows even higher. Therefore, the number of unique Twitter account holders talking about Bitcoin (BTC) is only going to grow bigger.

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