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Bitcoin Paranoid Peter Schiff Bank’s Comes Under Scrutiny

A shocking news surfaced yesterday according to which a multi-millionaire got his bank under scrutiny.

Peter Schiff, who is known for hating Bitcoin, woke up yesterday only to find out that his bank has been put under scrutiny.

Fresh scrutiny orders were passed in connection with an ongoing international criminal investigation remained unsettled. The news was also highlighted in international newspapers such as The New York Times of USA and The Age from Australia.

The news report suggests that a joint task force was established by many governments collectively after Panama Papers got leaked. The task force was comprised of tax authorities of different countries.

Euro Pacific Bank, which belongs to the millionaire, was also scrutinized by the task force some time ago. In its initial report on Euro Pacific Bank, the task force pointed out hundreds of suspicious accounts at the bank. The accounts were then put under scrutiny by the task force for the purposes of investigation. Later on, the task force informed that the accounts belonged to several tax evaders of various countries. In addition, some of the accounts were used for money laundering purposes, said the task force.

In the report of the task force, they disclosed several aspects. It was stated in the report that Schiff’s bank was assisting the criminals in plundering the money. The bank was considered a safe haven for the criminals for keeping their looted money. Notorious tax evaders such as Simon Antequetil of Australia were hired for bringing potential clients to the bank.

In 2017, John Chevis an Australian Detective, unearthed the connection between Perth Mint of West Australia and Euro Pacific. He told that Perth Mint was holding Gold which was kept by the customers of Euro Pacific. However, the customers of Euro Pacific were not the end beneficiary of that Gold, told Detective. The Gold belonged to various criminals and international law enforcement agencies were after them.

However, in an interview, Schiff categorically denied any part in any of the illicit activities carried out by the Euro Pacific. He also said that the allegations were merely rumors and there was no reality in them. He blamed that he is being targeted because he does not like cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Schiff is known to have paranoia regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Recently when an American teenager hacked Twitter accounts of crypto owners, he bombarded digital currencies and blockchain network.

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