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Bitcoin Software Download Access Blocked in UK by

As per the latest reports, has introduced a new restriction for cryptocurrency users in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the users wanting to download the Bitcoin Core software who are based in the United Kingdom would not be able to download it. has implemented a restriction on the internet protocol (IP) addresses of the users based in the United Kingdom. As a result, the users will not be able to download the software for Bitcoin Core. has also made an official announcement through its website.

Through their website, has announced that the software for Bitcoin Core is currently no longer available for UK users. If there are any users from the United Kingdom, they will not be able to work the links for Bitcoin Core software.

So far, many visitors of from the United Kingdom have confirmed the banning of the Bitcoin Core Software. They have confirmed that whenever they try to access the download link for Bitcoin Core software, they end up getting an error. According to the users, the error that their UK IP tries to access the link comes back with “404 Error”.

The owner of who goes by the pseudonym “Cobra” has provided the reason for proceeding with a sudden block of the links. Cobra has shared the real reason behind the banning of Bitcoin Core software for UK users through his Twitter profile.

Cobra clarified that he is not allowed to distribute the white paper through because it is located inside the blockchain. He stated that as the white paper can be acquired from the blockchain with the help of the software, therefore, he had to proceed with blockchain.

He stated that no matter what the users say in the United Kingdom, his website has always followed the law and they will continue abiding by it. Therefore, he will not be able to enable the software for the users in the United Kingdom, until he gets permission to operate it there.

The reason behind Cobra being forced to restrict access to the Bitcoin Core software through his website is due to a recent ruling. Just recently, a self-proclaimed founder of Bitcoin in the United Kingdom had filed a copyright infringement case against a cobra.

The name of the self-proclaiming Bitcoin creator is Craig Wright, who has also filed the same case against as he did on Cobra. In this case, Craig Wright (plaintiff) has claimed that Cobra has been hosting white paper for Bitcoin through his website.

Apparently, the UK court has ruled in favor of the self-proclaiming Bitcoin creator and Cobra had to comply with the ruling/law.

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