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Bitflyer Integrates with PayPal

Top-rated cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has reported incorporation with PayPal, a global payments platform.

Now, millions of European users of PayPal can now deposit cash to the European bitFlyer platform to securely purchase cryptocurrencies. This initiative is taken by bitFlyer to convey their main goal of providing secure means of exchanging cryptocurrencies worldwide. Through this integration, the cryptocurrency trading will become safer and more available globally. It will assist and protect the new users of digital currencies as well as the experienced traders.

BitFlyer is proud to offer its users the service of using their deposited funds in PayPal to purchase crypto. The incorporation of PayPal to bitFlyer provides a new depositing source to the users. Thousands of users of bitFlyer already use PayPal with fiat currencies and now, they can use it to purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as well, says Andy Bryant, COO of bitFlyer Europe.

Through this incorporation, bitFlyer is providing another option to the users for depositing payments rather than relying on just the traditional payment methods which usually take up to three business days, excluding weekends, for deposit clearance. Deposits with PayPal are almost always instant.

According to JacekBastin, Business Strategy Manager at bitFlyer Europe, cryptocurrency is still at its earliest stage, and despite its growth, it is still intimidating and scary to newcomers. The unfamiliarity of the system intimidates the newcomers. This integration between bitFlyer and PayPal is extremely exciting for the companies as approximately 33% of European e-commerce payments are made through PayPal, so providing users with a familiar and reliable method for depositing and purchase is promising. The process of depositing through PayPal is smooth, secure, and trustworthy, and the users are credited without delay.

BitFlyer Europe, a completely owned subsidiary of bitFlyer Inc., was launched in January 2018 and became a commonly recognized name in the cryptocurrency scene in Japan. It is one of the deep-rooted cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the only cryptocurrency exchange that is controlled in Japan, the U.S. and Europe combined. Furthermore, it is among the 10 exchanges which are recognized to not bluff the trading volumes.

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