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Bitstamp Aims to Expand its Services in the United States

According to the latest reports, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges has made an announcement in regards to its expansion. Bitstamp has announced that it is planning to expand its services in the United States and reach out to as many investors as possible.

Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded back in 2011 and has its headquarters based in Luxembourg. The exchange is planning to increase its support, services, and user base in the United States. The exchange officials have announced that the reason behind its expansion is the high adoption rate it has observed from the United States.

The Bitstamp officials have announced that it already has a plan laid that it is going to follow in order to bring more users on board. Their first aim is to ramp up their marketing efforts and campaigns in the United States. Their goal will be to create as much awareness as they can among US investors around cryptocurrencies.

They will make them aware of the usage, benefits, and profits they can make using cryptocurrencies. As per the exchange, the majority of the investors are hesitant to invest in cryptocurrencies because of the nature of cryptocurrencies.

These are the investors that have drawn the first impression around cryptocurrencies back when it was an unstable investment. Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency industry has grown bigger and has become very stable.

Another thing in their agenda would be to compare their exchange’s performance against others. They are eager to show and boost the exchange growth they achieved in the first quarter of the year 2021.

Therefore, in order to help its marketing team and provide full support, Bitstamp has already increased the size of the responsible teams three times.

The exchange is well aware once the user base starts surging, more customers will be getting in touch with them for their queries. The exchange has already taken this factor into consideration and has increased its customer support team by 50%.

According to the CEO of Bitstamp, their exchange had been making progress even when all other cryptocurrency exchanges were struggling. Bitstamp has observed an enormous adoption rate from the financial institutions and retail investors from the United States.

The exchange’s CEO also stated that their exchange is destined to gain prominence in the American market. The major reasons behind the exchange’s prominence would be its infrastructure, fee transparency, and security.

Most importantly, Bitstamp is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, which makes it the best choice for US investors.

The exchange has revealed that in the first four months of 2021, its user base has increased 570% compared to its user base back in 2020 for the same period.

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