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Brazilians Can Now Buy Meat-Flavored Pet-Food from Burger King against Dogecoin

The Brazilian version of Burger King has developed a new pet food product made up of met-flavored biscuits. The most interesting thing about this offer is that the franchise in Brazil has told that the pet food, which is made for dogs, can be purchased against payment of Dogecoin, i.e. the crypto comprising the picture of worldwide famous dog Shiba Inu on the logo.

Burger King, which though is an American brand of burgers and food items, is globally popular. The Burger King franchise enjoys the same level of popularity in Brazil as it does in the US or elsewhere. One of the most loved fast-food chain items in Bazil is the burgers made in any Burger King franchise.

The Brazilian franchise of Burger King has announced recently that it has adopted Dogecoin as payment against a particular item. It was informed that the company has developed a dog-pet-oriented recipe comprised in biscuit form which is made up of meat-flavored items. The new pet food item has been specifically baked for pet dogs and this is the reason why Brazilian Burger King has adopted Dogecoin.

From now on, any intended customer, who wishes to buy meat-flavored biscuits for his or her pet dog, can purchase the same from Burger King. The customer also has the option of either paying in cash or by paying in Dogecoins, depending on the customer’s convenience. The pet food item has been named “Dogepper” and can be purchased from selective Burger King’s franchise branches located in designated areas. The company has also erected billboards and advertisements in various parts of the country where this option is available.

If one were to buy Dogepper against Dogecoins, then at first the customer will be required to enquire from the franchise facilitates payment through Dogecoin. If the franchise does provide for Dogecoin payment mechanism, then the deal of Dogepper can be bought against spending 3 units of Dogecoins. The offer is duly publicized on the official website of Burger King Brazil.

The process of paying through Dogecoins is also very convenient. Registration will be required to be filled in by the customer and upon purchase, the payment will be sent into Burger King’s digital wallet.

Also, the offer is available for customers sitting at homes or in their offices through Burger King’s own home delivery service. Even the famous food delivery service companies of Brazil such as Rappi, 99 Foods, Ifood, and Uber Eats are providing for the Dogepper option.

Brazilian Burger King also told that some portion of the Dogepper sales will be designated animal protection. It was informed that the funds will be provided to private NGOs for protecting the animals. Petlove, which is a Brazilian non-governmental NGO has been taken on board for honest distribution of the funds.

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