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Trading can be a hobby, a profession, or both. Good traders enjoy trading, but they also handle it seriously. They take the time needed to analyze current events before they pull the trigger on any trade. They manage their portfolio even more proactively and with attentiveness to risks. In addition, they do their due diligence before they choose a broker to partner with, as they know that this particular choice can make or break their trading outcome. Here we will offer a review of a renowned trading brand named ClickTrades based on our knowledge of their operations and the experience of traders.

About ClickTrades

ClickTrades is a registered and licensed brand that offers sophisticated trading services to its clients from countries and places around the world. It provides an extensive and comprehensive set of services and support that help amateur and professional traders learn to master the market. A dedicated team of experts assists clients in their day-to-day trading journey to make sure they make the most informed decisions.

This is only one form of support that ClickTrades offers. The financial dictionary is also an important feature that can help traders learn quickly the main concepts they need to be familiar with when they execute trades.


Enthusiastic traders can choose the platform that suits their needs best, as ClickTrades offers two options.

The first one is the famous MT5 platform available on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even on the internet browser when you are away from all your devices. MT5 is quite practical and easy to use. The fact that it is a very widely used platform around the world means that you will have plenty of add-ons and plug-ins to choose from, which will make the trading experience richer. All in all, it is a good choice even for senior traders.

The second option is the ClickTrades WebTrader, a platform designed specifically by ClickTrades to provide the best visual and practical trading experience there is. It is supplied with all the tools you need, such as technical indicators, drawing tools, the unique  sentiment analysis tool from ClickTrades, and many others. This platform is available only for ClickTrades clients.

ClickTrades WebTrader platform is very easy to use
ClickTrades WebTrader platform is very easy to use



The platforms give you access to a wide range of financial instruments to trade. Those instruments include forex pairs, shares, bonds, indices, commodities, ETFs, precious metals, and even cryptocurrencies, all available for trading through CFDs. Those contracts lower the cost of trading and enable you to use leverage, which means you can trade with a larger capital than what you have deposited.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program from ClickTrades can help you in your trading journey
The affiliate program from ClickTrades can help you in your trading journey

Your trading journey with ClickTrades will hopefully be smooth, and you will probably want to share this experience with others such as your friends. ClickTrades makes sure you get rewarded when you spread the good word with its affiliate program in the form of special bonuses. This program is designed for those who want to trade and promote the services of ClickTrades to potential traders.

If you decide to join the affiliate program, which can be very financially rewarding, then ClickTrades has your back. The brand offers you access to a dedicated affiliate manager, a special advanced platform, marketing materials, and other tools to ensure you achieve your goals.


Whether you started to trade yesterday, have been trading for 20 years, or want to promote ClickTrades as an affiliate marketer, then ClickTrades is a reliable brand that puts all of its heavy weight to ensure that you are ready for anything that may come.

The materials appearing in this document are not written by ClickTrades but by an independent third party and should not in any way be construed, either explicitly or implicitly, directly, or indirectly, as investment advice or a recommendation or suggestion of an investment strategy concerning a financial instrument, in any manner whatsoever. Trading CFDs involves a significant risk of loss.

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