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Crypto Mining Supervisor Likely to Face 15 Years of Sentence If Proven Guilty

There is a possibility that an IT supervisor working in a public office in America would be spending the next 15 years of his life in prison because he was accused of hiding crypto mining rigs in the office with the mal-intention of using his office’s electricity for producing Bitcoin through the mining rigs. The IT supervisor’s name is Christopher Naples, who was caught hiding 46 machines that were are hidden in different areas of Riverhead’s Suffolk County Center, New York. Initial investigation revealed that Naples installed at least 10 machines and was operating them since February 2021 while consuming US$ 6,000 worth of electricity.

A man named Christopher Naples has been arrested by the New York Police over allegations of stealing energy and fraud.

Naples was working as the IT Supervisor in the public office namely Riverhead’s Suffolk County Center. According to news source, Naples was illegally functioning mining operations from the premises of his place of work. No one was aware that Naples had brought approximately 46 Bitcoin mining machines into the office and hid them without notice to anyone.

It was also revealed that he had successfully installed ten out of 46 machines in the month of February. When nobody was there, he used to stay late in the office and then activate these mining rigs. On daily basis he continued to operate these 10 machines for mining Bitcoins unnoticeably and had been doing so since February.

He has been arrested because he was accused of committing the acts of corruption and corrupt practices. He was immediately removed from the service when his office became aware of his crime. According to prosecutors, charges of corruption and mal-practices have been leveled against Naples. If he is found guilty, then there is a possibility that he would be jailed. Normally, a person accused of such crimes, under the laws of the US, spends at least 15 years in jail.

Prosecutors said that Naples was consuming high energy source which can easily be determined to be “electricity theft”. They claimed that at least US$ 6,000 worth of electricity was being consumed by only 10 mining rigs installed by Naples.

The staff and colleagues of Naples told the police that they never doubted Naples because he was always very friendly. He was a likable person in and outside the office and was a huge spender. However, they sometimes doubted, from where he was getting all that money. But he kept the secret to himself and none of them were aware that he was hiding BTC mining machines, they claimed. They also told that during their working hours they noticed massive change in the office temperature. Now they have come to know that the temperature change was because of the mining equipment.

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