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Crypto1Capital Review – What Makes it Different?

Crypto1Capital Review

Choosing the right broker is one of the most important decisions every online trader has to make. They are responsible for providing you with the instruments, software and other tools needed for trading in the financial markets. This means they play a key role in your experience and also your performance. The problem is that every company claims to offer you the right combination of services, so how do you select one? The answer lies in what makes a brokerage different because that can help you get the best combination of services. You can go through this Crypto1Capital review to understand what makes it different.

It will not take you long to realize that Crypto1Capital has become a leading choice of many traders in the market. Launched by Awardhill Limited, the forex and CFD broker has expanded quickly to numerous countries around the world. Its offices can be found in Switzerland, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. But, what makes it different? Read on to find out:

Access to multiple markets

The fact that you can access multiple financial markets via Crypto1Capital certainly makes it different from the rest of the brokerages. Rather than having to manage several trading accounts to trade in various markets, you can just use one account to do so. You will find hundreds of trading instruments available in one place and this allows traders to easily find those that are in accordance with their risk tolerance. You will be able to choose forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices as well as commodities. This gives you the chance to diversify your trading portfolio, which reduces your risks and increases your returns.

An easy onboarding process

Another feature that you will find at Crypto1Capital, which makes it different from others is its easy onboarding process. You don’t have to spend hours or days in registration because they have kept their process quick and easy and there are no approvals needed. Likewise, they don’t require you to jump through any hoops to open an account. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website that does not go beyond your first and last name, country and phone number as well as your email address and password. You have to accept their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and be 18 years old in order to be eligible for signing up.

Compliance with AML and KYC policies

Security is a big concern for online traders, as there are lots of risks over the internet. Therefore, it is pleasing to discover that Crypto1Capital complies with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies. These require traders to provide documents for proof of identity and proof of residence, which can mitigate a number of risks. You can trade stress-free when you know that no fake accounts can be created on the platform and the risks of money laundering, financial fraud and identity theft are mitigated.

Availability of a demo account

One of the most appealing features that you will find on Crypto1Capital is that they offer their clients a demo account. This is not just a perk that beginner traders can enjoy, but even experts can also take advantage of it. For newbies, a demo account is helpful for them to get acquainted with the financial markets and learn how to navigate them. This can assist them in keeping their losses to a minimum because they use virtual currency in this account.

As far as expert traders are concerned, the demo account at Crypto1Capital gives them the opportunity to test their strategies. They can also determine where they are making mistakes and eliminate them, thereby increasing their chances of making profits.

Final Decision

You will also find top-notch customer support and a variety of educational resources and materials that have helped Crypto1Capital in standing out amongst the crowd of brokers, making it a worthy choice for any trader.

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