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Cryptocurrency Scammers are Going Hard on the Scams

As cryptocurrencies continue gaining worldwide recognition and adoption, the industry keeps rising in terms of market capitalization and prices. While generally, the industry is turning out to be profitable for the users, it is also turning to be very profitable for the scammers.

Despite the lucrative nature of cryptocurrencies, the technology is still very advanced. Many people who are not tech-savvy find it a bit difficult to keep up with the technological advancements and developments it demonstrates.

In the history of the cryptocurrency industry, one of the major breaches that took place was the Ledger one. As a result, the personal and sensitive information of millions of Ledger users were exploited by the hackers.

Although the hackers did not take out any money from the platform, they had planned something far worse for the users. Even after almost a year, the users of Ledger are being approached by hackers or scammers to lure them and take their money.

Just recently, one of the Reddit users who goes by the username “r/Ledgerwallet” has gone ahead and posted some images related to the Ledger scam. The particular Reddit user revealed that he was among those at Ledger who had their personal information breached due to the hack.

The images the particular user has shared are of a hardware wallet that he has received in the mail. The image shows that it is a Nano X wallet, which looks very convincing but it is fake.

The image shows that the particular wallet has arrived in packaging that looks authentic and one would be convinced that it is indeed from Ledger. However, the user revealed that he has somewhat of good knowledge about the hardware wallets, especially the ones by Ledger.

He stated that there were some signs and components added to the wallet, which he found odd, and turns out, he was correct.

He revealed that although the wallet he received is very convincing and someone with less knowledge about them would fall for it, the letter with the package is the actual giveaway.

The user revealed that the letter he received with the package had very poor English written on it. To make it look authentic, the scammers even showed that the letter was signed by Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger.

He stated that the letter goes to claim that they have issued a new device for all of their Ledger users affected by the breach. The letter asks them to go through the manual in the package and set up their wallet to transfer funds there.

The letter goes to claim that the wallet’s security would ensure that something like this never happens again. The user also shared the image of the fake manual that came along with the hardware wallet.

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