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Despite Ultra-Volatility, Bitcoin will stick around Permanently, Says an Analyst from Deutsche Bank

As per the latest reports, an analyst from the research division of Deutsche Bank, Marion Laboure has shared her views in regards to Bitcoin (BTC). Laboure stated that despite all the possibilities being laid out against Bitcoin, it will continue thriving and growing bigger.

She stated that with the passage of time, Bitcoin has gained tremendous adoption and investors are looking at it as a long-term investment. She added that as per her, Bitcoin is going to remain in the investment markets permanently.

Laboure even stated that she thinks that the world of physical monetary assets is going to get taken over by digital and virtual currencies. When that happens, Bitcoin would be the currency that is at the top and it would take up the role that is currently occupied by “Gold”.

She stated that Bitcoin is going to be the future of investments and it will take over gold in near future. Bitcoin has already started showing its potential as many investors are talking about the digital asset competing with gold.

Marion Laboure added her thoughts on the matter, claiming that Bitcoin has longer chances of surviving than any other digital asset for centuries to come. It has what it takes to survive through time and retain its place as the largest and top investment asset.

One of the most attractive features of Bitcoin is that it is not governed by any government or regulatory authority. This is the main reason the public is largely adopting Bitcoin and over time, it is also becoming the center of attention for mainstream investors.

She added that as per her, the Deutsche Bank, the largest banking institution in Germany would soon realize the importance of Bitcoin. When that happens, Bitcoin would eventually become the digital gold for the Deutsche Bank. If the largest bank in Germany adopts Bitcoin, then there are high chances that the entire banking sector in the country would be onboard.

Although Marion Laboure talked about the potential and promising future of Bitcoin, she also intimated to people about the nature of Bitcoin. She stated that since the advent of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin has remained at the top and has proven to be the most volatile digital asset.

Laboure predicted that surprisingly, this is something that will never be fixed as it is highly likely that Bitcoin ever gets backed by something physical. This is the reason why Bitcoin will always remain the most volatile cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse.

Therefore, the investors will have to learn to live with Bitcoin’s high volatility. If they are patient enough to cope with its volatility, then they are looking at the best and most lucrative investment of the future world.

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