DXCBIT Review – Providing Learning Opportunities alongside Trades


If you are new to the online trading industry then it is obvious that you would need all the help you can get when performing trades. However, trading is not the only department where you need to polish your skills. If you wish to make your trading experience a smooth and profitable journey, then you need to gain knowledge about trades as well. This is when you need the support of an exchange such as DXCBIT that not only focuses on your trading activities but also offers online trading education and learning. In my DXCBIT review, I will cover all positive aspects of the exchange for your understanding.

Tools for Trading

When it comes to trades, basic support is not all that DXCBIT provides you with. DXCBIT also provides you with extra support and guidance with the help of trading tools. These tools include daily market news and analysis report. Another major tool offered to you by DXCBIT is the trading calculator that you can benefit from while performing trades.

Educational Courses and Learning

At DXCBIT, trading is not the only thing that you will be involved in performing. You will also be acquiring information and increasing your knowledge surrounding online trades and markets. Such information is provided with the help of educational courses, one-on-one coaching sessions, webinars, and so much more. You can choose a learning or course that suits your demand from the investment sector and start increasing your knowledge surrounding that.

Compliance with Regulations

DXCBIT wouldn’t be operating today if it wasn’t compliant with the regulatory guidelines. The exchange has been adhering to the regulatory guidelines ever since it started operating. Being adhering to the KYC and AML guidelines means that you will always be trading in an environment that is regulated and protected. This way, you can fully focus on your trading activities and make your trades profitable.

24/7 Customer Support

DXCBIT provides you with a 24/7 customer support that is always ready to listen to your problems and provide you with an efficient solution. The teams at DXCBIT are well-versed in their field and policies, in which they have to provide you with assistance. They are well-trained, and professional when dealing with your queries. You can reach out to them through different channels that include landline, email, and chat support.

Account Funding Options

DXCBIT grants you the ability to make deposits and withdrawals with some of the easiest, safest, and most convenient payment methods. These methods include Skrill, Cashu, Visa Card, Bitcoin Wallet, and MasterCard. As for withdrawals, DXCBIT provides you with the same options but expects you to remain patient for 2-4 business days until your withdrawal request is processed.

Trading with Web-Based or MetaTrader 4 Platforms

DXCBIT knows that one of the key components while performing trades is the trading platform. If the trading platform is not up to the mark, user-friendly, and easily accessible, then you would not have fun while performing online trades. However, DXCBIT has covered it with the help of two trading platforms where the first one is MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and the other one is Web Trader. The MT4 platform is independent and acts as a software. On the other hand, Web Trader can be accessed from any device that happens to run web-browser.

Trading Assets That Go with the Trading Platform

The MT4 trading platform is something on a different level when it comes to aiding you with online trades and same is the case with Web Trader. However, these platforms would have no use if they only had a single trading instrument. This is exactly where DXCBIT has things covered for you as it offers you the ability to perform in all major assets. These assets include commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, and stocks.

Trading Accounts from Basic to Platinum

At DXCBIT, you are provided with major trading accounts that start from basic trading account and go all the way up to platinum account. If you are new to the online trades, you can start with basic trading account, then upgrade to silver, then gold, and then platinum. You can upgrade the accounts based on your knowledge and understanding of online trading markets.

Ending Thoughts

When it comes to online trades, the industry is more than just investments from you. If you are not dedicated enough, then it may turn out to be a disaster for you. Therefore, make sure you give more than just investments to online trades in the form of dedication, attention, and so much more.

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