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ENT Hospital Settles Fraud Allegations While Venmo Inaugurates Crypto Services & Ignores Hawaii

In the US an ENT hospital was taken to task by the FBI on the basis of fraud allegations.

FBI had raised several allegations against the hospital administration for being involved in fraudulent activities. The hospital was reported to be Massachusetts Eye & Ear Hospital against which complaint was initiated by Massachusetts Attorney’s Office.

Now the Massachusetts Attorney’s Office has informed that the hospital has sought the settlement of the fraud allegations. For this purpose, a monetary proposal was submitted by the hospital before the FBI as compensation. The hospital has indicated that it is willing to deposit US$ 2.7 Million towards the settlement of the fraud allegations leveled against it by the Federal Department.

Prosecutors of the complaint suggested that the hospital was founding raising fake bills and invoices as well as exorbitant bills. These invoices were sent to the Government for settlement. However, when an investigation was carried out, it was found that the bills were not only fake but also the Government was falsely billed.

The complaint against the hospital was reportedly initiated through a lawsuit by a public interest organization. Now the hospital has announced that it has taken all corrective measures and amended the bills accordingly.

Meanwhile, another important event regarding crypto has taken place in the US. Venmo, which is a business partner of electronic payment giant, PayPal, has officially announced the incorporation of crypto services. It has been informed by Venmo’s team that the platform will now be able to allow its customers to sell/purchase cryptocurrencies. In addition, the customers will be allowed to store their crypto assets on Venmo’s platform.

It was further told by Venmo that major cryptocurrencies, which also include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH can be traded through the Venmo App. However, neither crypto sale and purchase nor custodian services will be offered to Venmo’s customers in Hawaii. Venmo is prohibited by law to render its services in Hawaii.

Earlier, the Venmo App only allowed crypto purchase services, and that too for Bitcoin only. However, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH have been recently integrated. It was further informed that the traders will also be able to share their trade dealings with their family and friends. For sharing crypto dealings, a new feature called “Social Feed” has been incorporated in the Venmo App recently.

Venmo is a project of PayPal whose crypto initiative has brought a major change in the crypto industry. While PayPal continues to fulfill its commitment towards crypto adoption, it has been continuously expanding its crypto services.

PayPal’s journey into the crypto world is relatively new because it only integrated crypto in October 2020. In the first place, PayPal started to render its crypto trade services for the customers of the US. In the second phase of its crypto services, the company committed to launching crypto services in the UK. At least 2 months ago, PayPal also fulfilled its promise and successfully launched its crypto services in the UK as well.

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