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Ethereum May Be Overtaking Bitcoin Sooner Rather than Later

While there are plenty of things talked about in the world of crypto, one of the most common things discussed is bitcoin. This is because bitcoin is undoubtedly the first-ever crypto to grace this world and has been going steady ever since. While cryptocurrencies have a tendency of being quite volatile, bitcoin tends to be a lot different. This is because millions upon millions of people have invested in it and it usually ends up paying great dividends.

This doesn’t mean in any way that people don’t face difficulties when investing in bitcoin. As a matter of fact, there have been loads and loads of cases where investing in bitcoin proved to be a bad idea. There have been loads of cases where people ended up regretting their bitcoin-related investments and ended up losing thousands of dollars, if not more.  Nevertheless, bitcoin remains to be a reliable form of crypto, especially when compared to loads and loads of other cryptocurrencies.

Recently, however, the first-ever cryptocurrency has been facing competition from several other forms of crypto. One of them happens to be Ethereum. Initially, nobody ever imagined that bitcoin would have competition. However, as days go buy, the competition is getting tougher and tougher and it would be fair to say that ethereum is breathing down bitcon’s neck. Some experts even go as far as claiming that ethereum may eventually topple bitocin.

Sure, other currencies like litecoin and dogecoin have also been making strides but ethereum just happens to be light years ahead of them. The recent developments with ethereum suggest that this crypto could finally be very close to toppling bitcoin. With more than 50,000 ethers being burned during the last five days. There is a huge chance that bitcoin could be in for a massive shock.

What’s more, a large number of traders tend to believe that ethereum 2.0 would also provide tough competition to bitcoin to gain dominance in the crypto market. Some experts also think that ethereum tends to have excellent fundamentals, especially when compared to bitcoin. This is mainly because of the deflationary pressure resulting from the implementation of EIP 1559.

Needless to say, things look to be on the up and up for ethereum and it will rise significantly in the near future. One of the most fascinating things about this crypto is that it has been surpassing a variety of barriers for the past few years and there is a huge chance that it will pass some more. This is why experts suggest making investments in this crypto as it will leave other forms of the crypto way behind.

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