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Ethiopia Launches Biggest Blockchain Deployment in Country by Linking up with Cardano Creator

As per the latest reports, Ethiopia has recently formed a collaboration deal with a software company. The sources reveal that the name of the company Ethiopia has collaborated with is called IOHK. The country has revealed that with its latest partnership, it is set to mark a new achievement for itself.

The country is determined to gain advancement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Therefore, the country has formed a partnership, which would see both entities come up with a new blockchain deployment. According to information, the new blockchain deployment would be the biggest in the history of Ethiopia.

The blockchain system to be deployed is for the national teacher and student identification/verification system. The company tasked with the responsibility of creating and launching this system is the creator of the Cardano protocol.

The government of Ethiopia is fully involved in this project and will be working alongside IOHK executives, to observe the development of the biggest blockchain in the country.

In the initial stages of the blockchain deployment, it is expected that somewhere around 5 million students will be run through the system. Both the government of Ethiopia and the officials at IOHK have praised the input level from each side for the development of the blockchain.

The Ethiopian government has stated that the country is very interested in the adoption of blockchain technology. As the world continues to move towards advancement with the adoption of blockchain technology, Ethiopia wants to do the same.

The country wants to do it in the right manner and does not want to make the transition overwhelmingly frustrating for the involved users.

Therefore, the government of Ethiopia has collaborated with one of the best names there are in the blockchain industry. With IOHK’s support, the Ethiopian government is confident it will reach its goal of all-out blockchain adoption sooner than expected.

On the other hand, the IOHK has also praised the level of approach and understand demonstrated by the Ethiopian government officials. They have stated that out of all the country officials they have worked with, Ethiopians have proven to be more cooperating than any other is.

The Ethiopian government knows exactly which sectors they need to hit first with blockchain technology. They are taking things one-step at a time but their approach is unique and productive. As per them, working with the Ethiopian government is one of the best and most learning experiences they have had.

Even the education minister in Ethiopia has praised the recent works carried out by the government. He stated that the recent move made by the government has the full support of the education sector, including the students. Even educational institutions are excited about the new technology and its integration into different verification processes.

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