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Fan Tokens Launched by Manchester City Football Club through Socios

According to the latest cryptocurrency reports from the United Kingdom, another football club has decided to adopt crypto-blockchain technology. As per reports, this time it is one of the top football clubs from the United Kingdom, Manchester City, that is ready to gain exposure in the crypto-industry.

Manchester City is currently ranked as one of the top football clubs, which is part of the top football “English Premier League”.

As per reports, Manchester City is now one of the latest football clubs that has launched fan tokens that are based on blockchain networks. Manchester City has also adopted blockchain technology in order to introduce new tools for the fans.

On top of that, the fan tokens introduced through the blockchain network would help Manchester City engage with its fans and followers on an entirely different level. The fans will now have a digital platform that they will be able to use and interact with their favorite players from Manchester City in different ways.

The official announcement was made by the officials of the Manchester City club on Friday, March 19, 2021. It was during the announcement when the Man-City officials revealed the crypto-blockchain company that has helped them in launching fan tokens.

The officials revealed and confirmed that they had recently partnered with a platform known for promoting fan engagement. The name of the firm is that has helped Man-City in launching the fan tokens that are dubbed as “CITY”. The platform has also confirmed that it is the Chiliz blockchain that has been used to introduce and launch the CITY fan tokens.

When it comes to introducing fan tokens, Manchester City is not the only football club that has taken this step for the first time. Before, Manchester City, clubs such as Juventus and FC Barcelona have gone ahead in launching their own fan tokens based on the blockchain networks.

With the help of the platform, Manchester City will now be able to offer its fans polls using fan tokens, AR-enabled features, games, club promotions, and VIP rewards.

The senior vice president of City Football Club’s global partnership sales department, Stephan Cieplik, has also provided more details on the fan tokens program that has been launched by Man-City.

Cieplik confirmed that the people who would be eligible for receiving a free CITY fan token have to be Cityzens membership participants for the club. The firm has confirmed that every registered member of Cityzen would be able to receive a free CITY fan token. On top of that, they will also have full access to the rewards and benefits provided through the blockchain network.

For those who do not know, the City Football Group is reportedly Manchester City club’s parent company.

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