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Finexro Review – Top Reasons to Sign up With this Broker

Trading has become all the rage nowadays and every other individual is now jumping on this bandwagon to reap the rewards it promises. For years, there have been stories about people who made their fortunes in the trading markets and have envied them their success. Why not venture into the markets yourself? For a time, it was easier said than done, but all this is now in the past. In today’s digital world, trading in the financial markets is no longer complicated and is open to all. As long as you don’t mind taking some risks, you can also give trading a shot to see if you can make a fortune. 

How do you begin? Online brokers are your gateway into the financial markets and there are plenty of these to be found nowadays. But, while finding brokers is not a challenge, choosing one can be. When you want to buy something, whether it is a product or service, you want to find the best option that offers you value for money. The same rule is applicable to brokers and you shouldn’t make this choice without careful research and thought because you have to trust the broker with your personal information and your money.

None of these things are to be taken lightly and so, you need to have good and solid reasons to consider a brokerage over others in the market. So, what should be your reason to choose Finexro, owned and operated by Strongex Ltd, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom? It was only established in 2018, which means it is a relatively new choice and doesn’t have the same experience as some other older brokers. Yet, there are some notable reasons why Finexro can be a good option for traders. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Reason 1: Combination of Assets

If you have done any research into the trading world, then you are probably aware that one of the best ways to minimize your risks in volatile financial markets is by diversifying your investment over different assets. If one asset goes down, the other usually goes up, so it can help you mitigate your losses. But, you can only use this strategy, if your selected broker gives you the right options to trade. Finexro has done a great job in this aspect because it provides you a combination of assets to trade. 

The options start with the stock market where shares of companies like Microsoft, BMW, Google, IBM, and Apple can be traded. If you don’t want to trade individual stocks, the index market is a good bet for those who want to look at the big picture. Finexro gives you FTSE 100, DAX 30, and Dow Jones, amongst others. There are commodities like natural gas, gold, Brent, silver, crude oil, and cocoa to be traded. USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/AUD are just some of the currency pairs in the foreign exchange market that can be traded via the broker. They have also added cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for the ease of their clients.

Reason 2: Security of the Platform

Security is not an aspect that should ever be ignored in favor of other features or services of a broker. Trading itself carries risk, but trading online is even riskier because your information can fall into the wrong hands or your money could be stolen. The only way to combat these risks is to find a broker that’s serious about security. Finexro is suitable in this regard because they have implemented excellent security measures on their platform. They have segregated accounts for their clients, with funds kept in secure and reputable banks. 

Cold and hot wallets are used for storing digital assets, while accounts are secured with 2FA (Two-factor authentication). They also used advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting and encrypting all traffic and communications. Their system is constantly monitored and security risks assessed and updated to prevent any outsiders from gaining access. 

Reason 3: Impressive Trading Accounts 

Using a broker’s services usually involves opening an account with them and brokers tend to offer several options to their clients. The only issue is that these options are generic and limited, which can often be frustrating for traders. Finexro has added four choices, but they are quite diverse and designed to suit varying trading styles. These options include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and they also have a VIP program in place.

There are some features common in all account options, such as access to all trading platforms, online chat support, webinars and seminars, online education center access, stop out level of 50%, and variable spreads. However, some features can vary, such as the availability of a relationship manager for different durations, training sessions, and different commission amounts. Likewise, the deposit requirements for opening each account are also different. They are €5,000, €10,000, €50,000 and €100,000, respectively. 

Reason 4: Multiple Trading Platforms and Tools

One of the best reasons for signing up with Finexro is that the broker has not just given you one trading platform to use; they have added two. First, you get the leading trading solution in the market i.e. the MetaTrader 4, but that’s not where the options stop. They have also added the Sirix trading platform, a newer and yet sophisticated trading platform that can suit the trading needs of different kinds of traders. In addition, the broker also gives its clients the freedom to choose whether they want a desktop trading platform, a web one, or they prefer mobile trading.

If that wasn’t all, there is also a range of trading tools that have been added to the broker’s arsenal for improving the trading experience. Using these tools can also improve your chances of making profitable trades because they help you keep up with the latest occurrences in the market. The broker also provides educational material for learning the ins and outs of the trading market.

Final Takeaway 

These are some strong reasons to opt for Finexro when you wish to begin trading in the financial markets. 

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