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Gene Simmons is Going Big on Cardano

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, it is not the traditional and pros that are investing in cryptocurrencies but celebrities as well. Ever since its launch, the cryptocurrency industry has proven that it is a diverse platform for anyone who wishes to have a piece of it.

This is the reason why many celebrities and influential people from around the world that are not investors have become interested in cryptocurrencies. Some of the major participants in crypto-blockchain technology come from the music, artwork, sports, and entertainment industries.

Although there are many celebrities that have started supporting cryptocurrencies just because of Bitcoin (BTC). There is one particular personality that seems to know the crypto-verse inside out and has appeared to be very vocal about the entire industry.

This particular personality is none other than the Rockstar legend Gene Simmons from a world-renowned rock-metal band “Kiss”. The iconic bass guitar player from the famous band has found himself being mentioned in many headlines related to cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Simmons found himself standing inside the Reddit Army in support of Dogecoin (DOGE) and helping Elon Musk in getting his message delivered across the board.

The Rockstar also found himself being interviewed by the crypto-reporting podcasts where he was asked about different trends and things about different cryptocurrencies around the world.

Even during the interview, Simmons was pretty vocal about the recent SEC and XRP clashing. He claimed that the downfall of XRP through SEC’s lawsuit was all the doing of the Chinese Government.

On top of that, Simmons had also revealed through Twitter that he has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017. He informed all of his followers and fans through Twitter that he has invested a lot of his fortune in different major cryptocurrencies.

According to the latest reports, the cryptocurrency proponent has made another revelation. Simmons has confirmed that he has made another huge investment and this time he has acquired Cardano (ADA).

The announcement around the investment in Cardano (ADA) was made by Simmons on Friday, February 19, 2021. Simmons confirmed that so far, he has invested $300,000 of his personal wealth into Cardano (ADA).

As always, the bass guitar legend has added a disclaimer to his tweet claiming that he is just sharing his recent activities in cryptocurrencies. The celebrity made it clear that he was just sharing his personal experience in cryptocurrencies but was not advertising them. He stated that he is neither recommending nor suggesting to anyone that they should invest in cryptocurrency.

The co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, and founder of Cardano (ADA) also congratulated Gene Simmons for investing in cryptocurrencies. Both of them offered Simmons their personal help if they ever faced any difficulties in handling cryptocurrencies.

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