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Holding Bitcoin is as safe as Gold and Bonds, Says Anthony Scaramucci

For centuries, Gold has proven to be one of the safest and most reliable investments in the commodity trading business. Gold currently holds the title of being the most reliable and secure investment in the trading markets.

No matter the downfall or the trend, Gold is hardly impacted by the events that seem to drag down the entire world’s economy. Gold currently has the highest market capitalization and dominates the trading sector.

On the other hand, there are bonds that have been introduced by banks and governments in order to generate funds and revenues for their businesses. The bonds system is one of the most advanced banking maneuvers that have been introduced by banks to generate quick funds.

This is the reason why the majority of the investors are seen making huge investments in Gold and Bond as they are the most reliable means of saving up money and selling them as their prices mature.

This is where the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization has made its appearance. Although Bitcoin (BTC) faced a lot of pressure and resistance from the traditional finance system, it still managed to emerge as a reliable source of investment.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) is an extremely volatile asset, yet it has displayed a lot of maturity and surge in its value. Since 2017, Bitcoin (BTC) had lost a lot of customer trust due to its plunge from $19k price all the way down to below $5k per BTC.

However, Bitcoin (BTC) showed great improvement and an enormous amount of adoption in the year 2020. Its prices took off, especially when PayPal announced it had integrated BTC into its platform for trading as well as a payment method.

Since then, it has investors from all over the world talking about its price surge and constant growth. There are many analysts that have even started comparing Bitcoin (BTC) with Gold stating that Bitcoin (BTC) may outperform Gold in near future.

Just recently, it was Anthony Scaramucci who spoke about the position of Bitcoin (BTC) in the global market. Scaramucci was formerly the White House communications director and currently heads SkyBridge Capital.

As per Scaramucci, the American government has addressed many of the flaws and issues that were faced with Bitcoin (BTC) in the past. With so many reforms, Bitcoin (BTC) prices, scalability, and stability have matured and strengthened.

As a result of the above factors, Bitcoin (BTC) has now become a viable asset where investors can invest and save their money. They can continue to do this for longer-terms and profit from Bitcoin (BTC) once its prices have matured enough to bring in huge profits.

With the passage of time, Bitcoin (BTC) has become as reliable as Gold and Bonds.

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