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IBM Enters into Partnerships for Blockchain-Based Sustainable Clothing

Global tech giant IBM has made the news recently for entering into a partnership with KAYA&KATO. This partnership was for the purpose of developing a network that’s based on the blockchain for tracking the production of sustainable clothing. The goal is to make the creation process transparent, as a whole. Not only will these two groups be working in tandem with one another, but they will also be receiving some additional support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development. According to the official announcement, the technology pioneer and the textile company will be working in tandem, with the purpose of increasing the transparency in the whole process of clothing manufacture. 

As per the details, the platform has been developed in such a manner that it will be able to meet the different needs of its users when it comes to the process of manufacturing clothing and everything else that it entails. There will be a significant increase in the process’s transparency, as customers will be able to keep track of the origin of fibers and garments, going all the way till the end product is made. As a matter of fact, the network will go as far as informing consumers whether their chosen clothing has been manufactured through a sustainable process or not. 

It was highlighted by the publication that this new blockchain network would also be tracing and documenting the textile industry’s entire supply chain. To put it simply, organic cotton suppliers, which also includes KAYA&KATO, will be keeping track of the various distribution channels of the fabrics, their production processes, along with their origins. A statement was also made by IBM regarding this matter and the company highlighted that nowadays, consumers are more interested in understanding the products they are purchasing, especially when it comes to determining their environmental impact. 

The tech company concluded in a recent survey that almost 77% of consumers are interested in promoting sustainability, and almost 57% of them are willing to change their habits for the purpose of reducing environmental damage. IBM’s Director of Blockchain is Christian Schultze-Wolters, who also made a statement about this matter. He shed some light on the use of blockchain technology and said that it could be used as a catalyst for increasing collaboration and transparency, across the various industries and their supply chains. In fact, blockchain technology itself is incredibly helpful in developing trust amongst companies, suppliers, and consumers because the collective group now shares visibility. 

This move by IBM is just another of the numerous examples in the world about how blockchain technology is being integrated in different industries, with the world continuing to modernize. Blockchain technology has proven that it is viable and has the capabilities of being used in a wide range of industries, from auto-making to mining to electronics and food cultivation. There can be many more use cases of this technology, if only proper networks are developed and people become more willing to accept it.

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