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IGC Markets Review – Is This Broker A Good Fit For You?

IGC Markets Review

IGC Markets logoSo, you’ve decided to read through this review about IGC Markets. We would like to commend you on this, as the chances are that you might be actively searching for the best broker in an ocean of unreliable options these days. Well, look no further, as this in-depth IGC Markets review will give you all of the relevant details you need about this broker and why you should, in fact, choose it.

IGC Markets website


Let us start by discussing all of the various assets that the world of online trading has gotten involved in. What we find rather beautiful is the fact that as time has progressed, new kinds of digital assets have emerged, and so no longer do we as traders need to rely on a singular asset (especially if we are not completely comfortable about it).

IGC Markets realizes this too, and so it offers a diversified and wide range of various asset types for you to trade with. Whether you are interested in forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, or commodities, IGC Markets has it all, and traders can hence have extremely diversified portfolios.

Trading platform

Needless to say, you would need to use a broker which has an understandable and usable interface, otherwise referred to as a trading platform. We discovered that IGC Market’s website design is incredibly professional and modern-looking, and everything is outlined in crystal-clear fashion. It is a simple matter to navigate through the different tabs and sub-categories, and traders of all backgrounds should not experience too much difficulty in finding what is needed.

IGC Markets trading platform


Firstly, we would strongly suggest that you read through IGC Market’s respective Terms & Conditions (it is not a long read but vital nonetheless) as this will tell you about the broker’s withdrawal policy and experience. Right alongside other aspects like a reliable trading platform, withdrawals play a significant role as traders would ideally want to take out funds in a timely and seamless fashion with no problems.

IGC Markets is truly next level when it comes to this feature as users can make withdrawals through several options such as Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, and numerous other major debit and credit cards. In addition to bank transfers, you are also allowed to utilize Bitcoin (BTC) for withdrawal purposes (a function which we have not observed in any other broker thus far). Moreover, the time it takes to actually withdraw funds had never been longer than a week, as per our own experiences with IGC Markets. This kind of withdrawal duration is actually quite impressive, considering the fact that this broker is still unregulated.


Normally, the profits that traders are able to earn would be enough of a reward in and of itself. However, IGC Markets offers a few bonuses and promotions to give you even more incentive to pick this broker. The most notable promotion we observed was the one concerning a bonus of 100% regarding traders’ initial deposits (which occur after the registration process has been satisfactorily completed and all of the terms & conditions have been fully agreed to). In other words, IGC Markets rewards you for your loyalty which is always nice to see.


Maybe you are not an experienced trader, or you may simply be trying all of this out after hearing about online trading elsewhere. We admit that the entire experience can be a bit daunting and often intimidating. However, you needn’t worry as IGC Markets has a ton of resources available which you can use to educate yourself on all of the services that it provides.

You can additionally use the educational material available to you to go over some of the basic fundamentals of trading, too, if needed.


Ultimately, we recommend IGC Markets simply because this broker knows exactly what traders do and do not want. Traders desire a broker through which trades can be conducted easily and without any hindrance, as well as customer support and quick execution (both of which IGC Markets possesses).

IGC Markets strives to be as inclusive as possible, and users can even access it via different devices and languages (currently, only English, French, and German are available, but more will be added soon). The user interface is excellent, and, in all honesty, this is simply one of the best brokers out there today.

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