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Information Leaked around Nvidia’s High-End GPU Mining Ethereum Hashrate

Ever since the cryptocurrency industry picked the pace in the late 2020s, the crypto-mining industry has been unstoppable. Several major companies and even companies that never had any ties with the crypto-industry have started mining projects.

This has led to very high demand for the GPUs that have been claimed to generate far more hashrates than any other GPUs in the market. When it comes to mining cryptocurrencies, the company known for producing the most high-end and reliable GPUs is Nvidia.

For several years, Nvidia has ruled over the PC gaming industry with its high-end GPUs that have managed to take down its long-time rival, Radeon.

Even now, the competition between the two giants is ongoing but it is Nvidia that takes the lead when it comes to the overall assessment. Even in the cryptocurrency mining sector, Nvidia has the lead and the miners are after some of the most high-end graphics cards for that.

It has been claimed by many cryptocurrency miners including major mining firms that Nvidia’s RTX 30 series is the most reliable and efficient series when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies.

Towards the end of 2020, one of Nvidia’s latest GPU additions had run out of stock and even then, there were huge backorders that were piling up on the platform.

At that time, Nvidia teams were not sure whether the demand was from the gamers’ end or from the miners’ end. However, now the situation has become much clearer for the GPU manufacturing giant.

As the company realized the amount of demand from the cryptocurrency mining sector, it announced that it will be launching GPUs that will be focused on providing hashrate for mining.

Nvidia had confirmed that the particular graphics cards would not have media output and will be dedicated to cryptocurrency mining.

On the other hand, Nvidia had announced it would add limiters to the RTX 30 series, which would cap the mining capacity (hashrate) of the GPUs. In order to execute this, Nvidia had announced that the RTX 30 series graphics cards would have built-in mining limiters for Ether (ETH) mining.

However, as the RTX 30 series graphics cards were launched, at first, there were crafty hackers and then an update from Nvidia itself that removes the mining limiter from the graphics cards.

Now, as time has progressed, Nvidia is set to launch its RTX 3080 Ti, whose details have already been leaked prior to its launch. Although it is currently not confirmed it is rumored that the new RTX 3080 Ti will not have the built-in mining limiter added to it.

Instead, the GPU will be responsible for producing a decent hashrate. There are some results shared by one of the inside sources that have shown the graphics car mining at 118.9 MH/sec. Many are claiming that the rumored hashrate is higher than what was communicated for the particular GPU.

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