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InvestingCrypto Review

InvestingCrypto logoInvestingCrypto is an online brokerage aiming to provide a completely new trading experience for those interested in crypto assets, as well as some of the most well-known instruments such as currency pairs, shares, indices, and commodities.

Although it has multi-asset coverage, cryptocurrency trading features stand out, since there are not many other brands managing to achieve such a high level of competitiveness. InvestingCrypto believes in the power of education and tailored software solutions, which is why most of its efforts have been focused on these areas. Let’s see if all the benefits suggest this is a brand to consider in 2021 and beyond.

InvestingCrypto Platform Benefits

The first topic to be discussed is the InvestingCrypto WebTrader. Much has been said about this platform, mainly because it is a proprietary solution developed by the broker. Out of the need to stand out among competitors, the company has allocated resources and the final result is a lightweight yet very effective solution that can be used by both beginners or professionals.

InvestingCrypto platform

Advanced charting powered by TradingView, risk management tools, price alerts, hundreds of price indicators, market news, and other account settings have been integrated into the platform. It is both versatile and multifunctional, which is exactly what traders need in an environment where conditions change from one day to another.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Traders are most likely accustomed to other brands, which barely cover a few cryptos. Their only choice in that case is to trade on large tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, or XRP, which ultimately means numerous opportunities missed across other altcoins. The list of cryptocurrencies available with InvestingCrypto, though, is more generous, including altcoins like:

  • Ethereum Classic
  • ZCash
  • OmiseGo
  • Gnosis
  • Stratis
  • Cardano
  • EOS

InvestingCrypto assets

Thanks to a 24/7 trading schedule, it is possible to spot opportunities even during weekends. Thin liquidity sometimes generates trade setups as prices move impulsively in either direction.

To gain access to the benefits granted by InvestingCrypto, traders need to open an account first. There are 5 alternatives when doing that, the most affordable one being the Basic account. In this case, traders can start with a small deposit and test the grounds to check what the broker is capable of.

InvestingCrypto wants traders from all around the world to join its ranks and that is why the account opening process is so convenient. Deposits can be made via a credit/debit card or bank wire transfer, giving the customer the ability to choose what is cheaper.


With all the trading benefits associated with InvestingCrypto, this turns out to be a broker aware of what traders need at the time of writing. It has a trading offer focused on cryptocurrencies, which are some of the most popular instruments today, aiming to have a meaningful contribution to global adoption.

More work needs to be done in that direction but InvestingCrypto stands by its core values and sees digitalization as an opportunity for the wider public. Traders already holding an account with it are reporting they are pleased by the generous crypto asset coverage. At the same time, they appreciate the ability to diversify with traditional assets.

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