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Is Cryptocurrency Industry Moving towards a Demise or is it Rising Higher?

At the advent of cryptocurrencies, no one knew that it would be discussed even after more than a decade. Back in 2009, when the foundation for cryptocurrencies was laid with the launch of Bitcoin (BTC), the entire world had opposed its idea.

Although the cryptocurrency industry was launched with a positive approach, yet people looked at it from a negative perspective. The world looked at the potential losses and risks the cryptocurrency industry posed to the financial assets of people.

Initially, the cryptocurrencies were available through mining and had no value to them. The concept and vision of cryptocurrencies had not reached many people. The industry had no strong investors but individuals, especially computer programmers and computer geeks, dealing with it as entertainment.

As cryptocurrency exchanges started forming, new cryptocurrencies kept coming in, and the cryptocurrency industry was moving towards capitalization. Finally, the cryptocurrency industry was able to demonstrate value and potential for investors.

When people started investing in cryptocurrencies, they started learning about the potential of cryptocurrencies. That was the time when the world started realizing the importance of cryptocurrencies and how lucrative they were.

Since then, the cryptocurrency industry started making progress and has continued growing higher and higher. People that have spent much time investing their money and resources in cryptocurrencies have seen the industry go through many ups and downs.

Even today, many investors find cryptocurrencies to be very risky and volatile. However, the true investors know that this is how the industry works and every stock, share, or commodity shows the same trend.

Investors that have spent several years with cryptocurrencies know how they need to deal with it and how much they need to invest. Many people started investing in cryptocurrencies starting in 2013 and then the demise came in 2017.

Afterward, the cryptocurrencies started picking up gradually coming all the way to 2021 where it has again faced another price drop.

Throughout its tenure, the cryptocurrency industry has faced minor price corrections and price drops. The investors who started joining the cryptocurrency industry in 2020 were used to such minor setbacks.

However, as the overall cryptocurrency industry is facing a price drop for more than a month, the new investors have started selling their assets. They are now afraid that they would end up losing their money and have started backing away from the markets.

However, it is indeed another price correction and this particular downfall is the one that would determine the future of cryptocurrencies. As per the majority of the analysts, this price correction is basically setting the course of cryptocurrencies.

Major institutions such as JPMorgan, MicroStrategy, MassMutual, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Tesla, and so many more are not losing their trust and sentiments for cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, investors need to keep trusting in cryptocurrencies as the industry is going to experience a price surge in the coming days.

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