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Makers Place Launches Mark McKenna’s Artwork

The cryptocurrency industry has been growing bigger and better for the past two years. With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry has expanded from being an alternate finance solution to a vast network. Almost every sector and industry seems to be making use of cryptocurrency technology one way or another.

Some of the most prominent sectors that have gained enormous adoption and popularity include sports, arts, music, eSports, gaming, and arts. In the last year, the cryptocurrency industry has gained enormous adoption and success in the NFT sector.

There are now several celebrities and companies that are using the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) technology to create their own crypto-assets. Then these entities launch their NFT through a particular blockchain network that facilitates them and helps creators connect with their fans.

The NFT platform allows celebrities and fans to connect directly with each other without the interference of third parties. With the emergence of NFT technology, more and more artists are getting the opportunity to advertise and sell their products.

In the entire cryptocurrency industry, one of the fastest-growing narratives is the emerging digital art scene. The platform allows artists to create digital artworks and then get them authenticated through the blockchain networks. The process of running the digital artworks through the blockchain networks provides the artists with proof of ownership and proof of provenance.

This technology has provided art collectors with a new platform where they can come and interact with the artists. The blockchain network provides art collectors with the same opportunities that they get from auction houses. Furthermore, the blockchain industry is allowing artists to introduce new forms of patronage and new markets.

When it comes to having marketplaces on the blockchain network, MakersPlace is one of the most prominent platforms that is based on the Ethereumblockchain. As per the recent reports, MakersPlace has recently announced the launch of three artworks that have been created by a very prominent artist.

It has been reported that the three artworks launched by MakersPlace are from Mark McKenna who popular for creating his artwork on Marvel/DC universe.

In addition to the artwork-launch, MakersPlace also debuted a partnership between a fellow comic illustrator known as Jose Delbo and Mark McKenna.

MakersPlace is one of the most prominent marketplaces in the crypto-blockchain industry. It provides a platform to the users where they can get their hands on digital artwork that is very rare and exclusive. The proof of ownership for the artworks is also authenticated by the Ethereumblockchain.

Every artwork and artist that is featured on the MakersPlace marketplace is verified by the Ethereumblockchain via a multi-step identity verification procedure.

The MakersPlace platform was founded in 2016 by the staff of Pinterest that worked on the platform (Pinterest) in its initial stages.

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