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Mark Cuban Is Not Up For Bitcoin ETF Instead Would Want To Acquire Them Directly

Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks’ team of NBA said that he wouldn’t be investing in the forthcoming Bitcoin ETF instead he would prefer to buy them directly.

There is a talk in the US where it has been assumed that the US might be allowing the Bitcoin ETF to be developed and launched. However, until there is any official permission granted by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), hoping about Bitcoin ETF, is preposterous. However, there are a large number of people who are anticipating that SEC will inevitably grant the permission. This is also considered to be the main reason behind Bitcoin’s latest value increase.

Since there is a huge debate going on with regard to Bitcoin based ETF-fund, the debate is attracting many notables as well. The famous host of American TV show Shark Tank’s host, who also happens to own NBA’s Dallas Mavericks team, joined the debate. He commented that Bitcoin ETF-fund is going to be a historic event. He said that the US digital market badly needs an ETF-fund which is based exclusively on Bitcoin. However, if the ETF-fund is there, he won’t be putting any investment into the fund, said Cuban.

Cuban’s interview was recorded by CNBC which was finally appeared in the Friday’s publication. The journalist asked him whether he has any investment plans for the upcoming ETF-fund. First of all, he suggested that it is too early to even assume that there will be any ETF-fund based on Bitcoin. He suggested that it is the sole discretion of SEC whether it will grant permission to it or not. However, in case the permission is granted, then he has no plans for investing any money into the fund. He was of the view that if he has an option to acquire Bitcoin’s directly then why do it indirectly. He clarified that his priority would be to continue to invest into Bitcoin but ETF-fund wouldn’t be his choice.

Cuban is popular amongst crypto community members because he endorses his full support to the world’s lead virtual currency. He has been seen suggesting many times that Gold is inferior to Bitcoin and that Bitcoin is factually a store of value. Though it is a currency but when it comes to investing in it, then it is different than any of the currencies. He also disclosed that because of these reasons he continues to acquire more Bitcoins. However, he has been keeping all of his Bitcoins which he had bought initially and recently as well. He was certainly claiming that he buys Bitcoins but never sells them to anyone.

Apart from owning Bitcoins, Cuban also has a fair amount of Ethereum coins in his possession, including Dogecoin as well.

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