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Mexico’s Second Richest Man Talks Highly of Bitcoin (BTC)

Now that the current year is ending, almost every person is talking about how unlucky the year turned out to be for them. However, the year could not get any better for the cryptocurrency industry and its users. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world, the cryptocurrency industry has become a safe haven.

The cryptocurrency industry has provided millions of people the opportunity of making money by staying at their houses. This is the reason why the majority of the e-commerce solutions have started recognizing the importance of crypto-blockchain adoption.

There are several financial institutions that are adopting cryptocurrency technology as much as they can. Even the billionaires have now started talking openly about the future and potential of Bitcoin (BTC) in particular.

Although the entire crypto-industry has achieved a new milestone in the running year, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to break all its previous records. At the time of publishing, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is fluctuating between $27,200 and $30,000. This is the highest price that Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to hit in its entire history.

Now it is the second richest man from Mexico who is heard speaking highly about Bitcoin (BTC). The second richest man from Mexico is Ricardo Salinas Pliego who is the chairman of the conglomerate Grupo Salinas.

While being interviewed by one of the crypto-trading forums, Pliego revealed that he had always been a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC). During the interview, he revealed that he had bought his first Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2013. He told the interviewer that at that time, the Bitcoin (BTC) was only worth $200. The Billionaire stated for that him, it was the best investment that he had ever made in his life.

Pliego informed that he kept that Bitcoin (BTC) for the next four years and sold it in 2017 when he knew that the opportunity was right. Pliego informed that he managed to sell the Bitcoin (BTC) for $17,000 right before its price plunged to the bottom.

The billionaire informed that he later bought more Bitcoin (BTC) when its price had plunged at the bottom again. He revealed that at present 10% of his entire portfolio has been invested in Bitcoin (BTC). He revealed during the interview that he has no plans of selling these Bitcoin (BTC) any time soon.

The Billionaire plans on keeping the acquired Bitcoin (BTC) under his possession for around five to ten years before he thinks about selling them.

Pliego informed that initially when he bought the Bitcoin (BTC), he had plans of using them for exchange purposes. However, the billionaire has confirmed that his understanding of Bitcoin (BTC) has changed since his first deal. Now he plans on keeping them under his possession for a longer period of time before selling them to make huge profits.

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