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Michael J. Saylor from MicroStrategy Agent Proves Why He’s Still the Top Bitcoin Proponent

When it comes to being the proponents of Bitcoin (BTC), there is no one that can match the energy and dedication Michael J. Saylor has. The founder and CEO of one of the top business intelligence firms “MicroStrategy” are always seen talking positively about Bitcoin (BTC).

Ever since the beginning of the year 2020, Michael J. Saylor has been supporting Bitcoin (BTC) at the highest level. It is all thanks to Michael J. Saylor and his company that the Bitcoin (BTC) investors continue to experience their all-time highs.

The Bitcoin (BTC) proponent again contributed towards building up the reputation and support Bitcoin (BTC). As per Saylor, the economic and financial narratives currently surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) are barely able to explore the potential of Bitcoin (BTC).

The narratives are hardly able to scratch the true nature and uniqueness of the digital asset and its importance to the global market.

The founder of MicroStrategy had some really positive things to say about Bitcoin (BTC) while giving an interview to one of the crypto-blockchain reporting firms.

According to Michael J. Saylor, Bitcoin (BTC) is the masterpiece that goes onto prove the potential and capabilities of monetary engineering. Bitcoin (BTC) will go down in the history as the asset that started it all and was the main reason behind the creation and launch of cryptocurrencies. It will be marked as the first-ever network that was the product of monetary engineering.

Saylor also stated that Bitcoin (BTC) exists as an asset that has the ability to withstand the harshest of economic pressures and inflations. He added that the mathematics and calculations that go behind the composition of Bitcoin (BTC) make it highly resistant to inflation.

After the recent surge in its price, adoption, investments, and transaction volume, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to become an $850 million asset. According to Michael J. Saylor, the current surge in the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) are just the beginning.

Michael J. Saylor is one of the investors who used more than $100 million of his personal portfolio to acquire a huge amount of Bitcoin (BTC) at the beginning of the year 2020.

After that, Saylor’s company MicroStrategy, went on to make its first purchase of around $435 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) back in August and September. Later, the company went ahead and made a purchase of another $45 million to acquire more Bitcoin (BTC) in October. At last, MicroStrategy made its last and the largest investment of $650 million for the year towards the end of December to acquire even more Bitcoin (BTC).

Altogether, MicroStrategy invested more than $1.12 billion into acquiring a total of 70,484 Bitcoin (BTC) in the year 2020.

Despite the downfall that Bitcoin (BTC) experienced on January 10, 2021, when its price plunged from $41k per BTC, down to $30k per BTC, even then MicroStrategy bought $10 million worth of Bitcoin.

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