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Nvidia to Launch New Graphics Cards for Crypto Miners and Gamers

According to the latest reports, Nvidia has announced that it will be launching the new 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti graphics cards. The company has announced that the new graphics cards would be in the market by the end of the month of June.

Nvidia has confirmed that the new 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti graphics cards would have built-in hash rate limiters for Ethereum (ETH). Previously, Nvidia had announced that it was going to add hash rate limiters to their new graphics cards, especially the mentioned models.

Finally, the company has gone ahead and fulfilled its claim of adding the hash rate limiters to their graphics cards. Now the largest graphics cards manufacturing company has gone ahead and has announced it would be launching the new cards by the end of June.

According to reports, the two graphics cards were highly anticipated by the gamer community and also the mining community. The fans and enthusiasts were anxiously waiting to learn about the release date for the graphics cards.

Nvidia finally went ahead and provided the release date for both graphics cards. Nvidia reportedly did it during the Livestream of Computex 2021 that was hosted by Nvidia on Monday, May 31, 2021. During the Livestream, Nvidia unveiled the release dates and specifications of both graphics cards.

Although the gaming community is filled with joy and is desperate to get their hands on the particular cards. The topic of the release date for a couple of graphics cards is a hot topic among the cryptocurrency mining community.

With the launch of the new graphics cards, Nvidia has made an attempt to curbing the mining utility for the miners for Ethereum. Nvidia has made it possible by adding a built-in limiter for the Ethereum hashrate.

Previously, Nvidia had made a statement that it was going to design and launch graphics cards that would be dedicated to mining. With the help of the particular graphics cards, the users will be able to mine Ethereum (ETH) as well as other cryptocurrencies compatible with GPUs.

However, Nvidia has made no such announcement of graphics cards dedicated to mining purposes. The company has even started adding limiters to the newer models of their graphics cards, thus limiting miners to use the current cards as well.

This means that despite making a statement, Nvidia is still considering whether it would be a feasible idea to design and launch crypto-dedicated graphics cards.

It was reported that Nvidia had made the announcement so the miners would be able to focus on a particular graphics card model or models for mining purposes.

So far, it seems that the company has not made up its mind surrounding the topic that is currently extremely hot.

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