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Pizza Hut Goes Bitcoin (BTC) in Venezuela

With the amount of adoption that the crypto-industry has gathered in the past year, it is no surprise that it has managed to make its name in numerous sectors. What started off as a user-friendly alternative for traditional financing has now expanded its branches to different sectors.

At present, some of the most prominent sectors that have adopted crypto-blockchain technology are music, sports, eSports, arts, music, and donations. However, the cryptocurrency industry has now found its way into the food and beverage sector.

However, the country that has been the first to adopt cryptocurrency technology in the food sector in Venezuela. Recently, one of the world’s largest pizza chains ‘Pizza Hut’ made an announcement for its customers in Venezuela. Pizza Hut announced that it has started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a mode of payment in all its branches. For the time being, the facility to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) is only available to customers in Venezuela.

The firm that broke the news on the social media “Twitter” was CryptoBuyer, which is a crypto services firm. It announced that Pizza Hut has accepted Bitcoin (BTC) at all of its branches in the South American country “Venezuela”. The customers in Venezuela will be able to pay for all the foods and drinks with BTC that they buy at Pizza Hut branches.

CryptoBuyer announced that it is one of many projects that the firm has in the pipeline. The firm has partnered with Mega Soft in order to execute its projects in Venezuela. CryptoBuyer has confirmed that by partnering with MegaSoft, the cryptocurrency services will be made available to many entities. For now, the firm has set a goal to facilitate more than 20,000 businesses and shops.

The representatives of Pizza Hut Venezuela also shared their statement around the adoption of crypto-blockchain. They stated that with the passage of time, cryptocurrencies and digital assets are becoming very popular around the world. However, in Venezuela, crypto-blockchain adoption has been gaining enormous adoption and acceptance. This is the reason it has become extremely important for Pizza Hut to start adopting such technological advancements in the country.

The officials stated with the amount of crypto-adoption they are observing, the time is near when cryptocurrencies will become a basic necessity in the country.

The General Director for the Pizza Hut chain operations in Venezuela, Richard ElKhouri also talked about the significance of cryptocurrency adoption. He stated that due to the sanctions being passed against Venezuela by the United States, the country’s banking sector was completely destroyed. None of the companies and enterprises are willing to do their business with the country because of the pressure from the U.S.

However, Venezuela has found its way through the hard times and has found cryptocurrencies as the best alternative for traditional financing.

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