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Scalable Solutions Exchange Technology Used by Gleec to Launch Gleec BTC

According to the latest reports, Gleec has finally achieved another milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. It has been revealed that the Gleec platform has managed to exchange digital assets that are known as Gleec BTC.

Previously, the Gleec platform had earned a lot of recognition and popularity in the crypto-verse for launching Gleec Coin. The Gleec Coin was launched by the Gleec platform more than three years back. The Gleec Coin works as a currency for the real-world that the users can bring to their advantage for acquiring products and services. The users are able to use the Gleec Coins with the help of a dedicated ecosystem.

It has been revealed that in order to achieve the new milestone, the Gleec platform used the help of Scalable Solutions. Gleec has revealed that it will be able to benefit a lot from the service that the white label software (Scalable Solutions) has to offer.

The software will enable Gleec BTC to benefit from its battle-tested security, a modular approach to technology, and deep liquidity. The software will also allow Global BTC to scale the performance and input of each factor and make necessary changes to the system.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Gleec, Daniel Dimitrov also commented on the launch of Gleec BTC. Dimitrov stated that the launch of the Gleec Coin and its listing on different cryptocurrency exchanges made the company realize the importance and potential of having the exchange technology.

This is the reason why the company decided that it should also launch an exchange that would be built on an infrastructure designed through the Scalable Solutions software.

By doing this Gleec will be able to gather more crowd and customers on its platform and will be able to provide more products and benefits in the coming future. The launch of the exchange is going to be an entirely new experience for the platform and it will get to learn a lot from this venture.

The white-label software “Scalable Solutions” was founded by Mark Berger along with pioneers who were veterans in traditional financial markets. In addition to traditional financial markets, these pioneers also had years of experience on their backs in blockchain technology.

The Scalable Solutions software is capable of offering industry-leading trading engines to exchanges and since its launch, it has indeed supported numerous exchanges to achieve new heights in their businesses.

The software has the ability to facilitate exchanges in achieving high transaction volumes per second, offer dedicated customer support, and providing the highest standards of security.

It has been confirmed that the Gleec BTC has been licensed to trade by the Agency of Economic Activities by Estonia.

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