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Solana Draws Attention of Iron Mike Tyson

Solana, which is a popular cryptocurrency, has become an investors’ sensation since the end of 2021 thanks to the pandemic.

There is no doubt that every crypto investor was having the best of his/her time in 2021. Disregarding the end of 2021, overall the 11 months of 2021 were phenomenal in terms of crypto volatility which led to unbelievable gains.

The year 2021 was overwhelmingly phenomenal for Solana as well. In 2021, Solana was able to earn whopping gains exceeding 10 thousand percent. When 2021 started, each unit of Solana could be bought for US$ 1.52 only. But in the month of November, it was trading hands for a price of US$ 259, which was its forever best value. Presently, however, the coin can be bought at a price of US$ 136.28. This shows that Solana’s value has shrunk to half of its forever best value of US$ 259. Yet there is a huge difference between the initial and ending prices of Solana in the year 2021.

A big value boost for Solana came on three occasions in 2021. The first was in May when Solana’s value surged from US$ 1.52 to US$ 50. The second was when Solana’s value surged between August-September which lead the value to US$ 180 from just US$ 40. Thirdly, it was in November when Solana got to see its all-time high value of US$ 259. Although Solana lost the value surge at the end of 2021, it was a remarkable achievement.

Currently, Solana has been one of the most efficient blockchain networks which are capable of carrying out 50 thousand transactions in a second.

Because of its continuous value increase, efficiency, and cheap value base, Solana is becoming the pick of investors’ choice. It has been attracting institutional and individual investors as well as worldwide celebrities. The latest celebrity whose attention has been drawn by Solana is the living boxing legend, Iron Mike Tyson.

Tyson has been asking questions from his Twitter followers about Solana. His fan base on Twitter is nearing 6 million approximately. He told Twitter that he wants to invest in Solana with full guns blazing. He then posed a question to his followers in which he sought their recommendation about the future value increase of Solana.

Mike Tyson is known to be a great crypto lover as he himself on various occasions told that he owned several cryptocurrencies. Even in June last year, he asked his fans which particular crypto out of Ethereum and Bitcoin he should prefer. Then he modified the question and replaced Bitcoin with Solana.

Undoubtedly, Solana investment poses an ample opportunity for investors considering its 2020-21 performance. It was its performance that brought Solana into the mainstream and made it the world’s 5th largest crypto by market capitalization.

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