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Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles Confiscated by Ukrainian Authorities were for FIFA Accounts not Mining

Just recently, a report was shared by the police authorities of Ukraine. In the report, the authorities had revealed that they had carried out a raid on a cryptocurrency mining farm operating illegally in the country. In the report, the authorities had revealed that the mining facility was near the city of Vinnytsia.

The authorities revealed that the particular facility was within the former premises of an electricity supplying company. The name of the particular company was JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo.

It was also revealed in the report that the illicit miners had manipulated the electricity meters at the premises. They did this to ensure that they could carry out their mining activities without any trouble or difficulty in the first place.

Their aim was to keep their location and mining activities hidden from anyone that could sound the alarm or alert the authorities. However, they were not able to hide their operations for long as the Ukrainian authorities sniffed them out.

The Ukrainian authorities claimed that they managed to carry out one of the largest raids on a cryptocurrency mining farm. The report shared by the Ukrainian Police Authorities revealed that they had confiscated a large number of phones, laptops, flash drives, GPUs, processing units, and computer operating units.

The authorities revealed that they were surprised to see that the miners were also using around 3,800 Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. Even many crypto-mining enthusiasts showed great concern over the discovery of Sony PlayStation 4 consoles.

As per them, it was quite unusual to use Sony PS4 consoles in order to carry out mining, as these units are outdated and do not offer strong hardware. Still, as the accusations were related to cryptocurrency mining activities and the PS had the hardware, it was considered that they were used for mining.

Surprisingly, further investigations carried out by the Ukrainian Police Authorities have shared an update in regards to the confiscated Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. According to the authorities, the 3,800 Sony PS 4 consoles confiscated by the authorities were not for mining.

Instead, they were being used for the generation of coins and content packs for FIFA. The updated investigation report confirms that the coin/content generation was for FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). It is one of the most popular game modes that has been offered under the FIFA football game titles.

In order to acquire the FUT cards and coins, the players are required to play matches for FIFA football. However, the particular facility was generating them in black so they could be sold in the black market. They were actually generating variants for the coins and cards that the players had to gain access to by playing and earning points.

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