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Sophia the Robot has taken the NFT Industry by a Storm

As soon as the year 2021 began, the non-fungible token (NFT) industry has taken a huge flight. The industry has been gaining a lot of reputation and growth since the beginning of the year and it is only growing bigger.

There was a time when the NFT industry only had a few hundred dollars’ worth of trades flowing through it. Now the industry is about to hit a $100 million daily trade volume, which includes sales and purchases of NFTs.

When it comes to the non-fungible token (NFT) sector, it is one of the most diverse and unique platforms provided by the crypto-verse. The industry is home to several sectors such as NFT music, NFT sports, NFT artwork, and many more.

The industry is constantly covering new grounds every single day and is being mass-adopted all over the world. At present, the majority of the users for the NFT industry belong to the American or European region.

The industry has been gaining a lot of attention when it comes to the digital artwork sector. Similar to real-time artworks, the digital artwork industry has been gaining the same amount of adoption and growth.

Moreover, the companies and firms running such artwork programs or willing to be a part of the industry are bringing in their own ideas and innovations to make the industry more adaptable.

Just recently, an auction of a high-demand digital artwork NFT had been carried out. The digital artwork NFT was titled “Days: The First 5,000 Days”, which was a creation of one of the legendary digital artists “Beeple”.

The digital artwork NFT ended up being sold for $69 million and set a new record in the entire NFT sector, making Beeple one of the richest artwork designers in the entire world.

After the success of digital artwork auctions and biddings, even real-time auction houses such as Christie’s Auction House have adopted auctions for the NFTs.

Recently, another digital artwork NFT had been introduced and this time, even the artist is unique. Just recently, it was announced that Sophia the AI robot was going to become part of the digital NFT artwork platform.

Reports suggest that the digital artwork NFT recently created and released by the humanoid has been sold at a huge price. The reports claim that the digital artwork designed by Sophia has been sold for $688,888. As usual, the price for the digital artwork has been paid in the form of NFTs.

It has been confirmed that Sophia had collaborated with Andrea Bonaceto, who is an Italian digital artwork designer in order to create the digital artwork.

The sources reveal that the name of the digital artwork designed by Sophia is “Sophia Instantiation”, which consists of a 12-second Mp4 file.

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