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Tesla Developers to Take Bitcoin Adoption to Next Level

In recent months, Tesla has reportedly made a lot of progress in the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC). Initially, the electric car manufacturing giant revealed that it had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC). His was considered to be a move that any giant company would make because of the promising nature of Bitcoin (BTC).

Afterward, Tesla took a step further into the Bitcoin-verse by announcing that it would start taking payments for its vehicles in Bitcoin (BTC). This took the entire Tesla as well as the cryptocurrency community by a huge surprise.

While the entire world was praising how much progress Tesla had made in the Bitcoin sector, the company has gone ahead and set up a unique and new example for the entire world.

It has been reported that the developers from Tesla will now be helping to fix a flaw on the Bitcoin network-based open-source software.

Following the announcement made by the development team at Tesla, the BTCPay Server, which is a popular cryptocurrency wallet and payment processor service commented, also remarked.

The masterminds at BTCPay Server thanked the developers from Tesla for offering their contribution. They thanked them for their input by providing a disclosure that helped them with remediation and fixes.

They also thanked Tesla developers for backing them up, sharing their knowledge, and information. According to BTCPay, the remedies/fixes offered by Tesla developers would help ensure that they are able to keep their users safe and sound.

It was just recently when BTCPay Server had posted a potentially critical flaw after spotting it from the code. After being spotted, the flaw was posted on the GitHub repository for public/company individuals to comment on them.

This is where the developers from Tesla Company decided to jump into the field and offer assistance. According to BTCPay, the developers from Tesla got straight to the task and introduced a patch in order to fix the problem for good.

Nicolas Dorier, who is the project founder and lead developer shared his thoughts on the new patch through GitHub.

He clarified that the new patch made would act as a fixer for one major flaw as well as many minor vulnerabilities that would enhance the performance of the protocol significantly.

It has been revealed that the vulnerabilities and flaws were there with recent versions of the BTCPay Server (

BTCPay development team has now issued a notification to all its users to update them on their platforms to ensure that abnormalities get fixed.

Dorier stated that he appreciates the effort that has been made by Tesla developers and they deserve all the credit for providing a fix with their experience and skills.

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