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The $731 Million Powerball Winner Should Invest 5% in Bitcoin, Says Jim Cramer

Even though Bitcoin (BTC) is currently facing a bit of a hard time due to its bearish nature, yet the crypto-asset is still gaining a lot of adoption. For more than 10 years, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to fight off against many odds and oppositions. In the end, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to hit the all-time highs of $41k per BTC and is now considered one of the top financial assets.

With its potential and promising nature, Bitcoin (BTC) has earned itself a lot of adoption and mainstream recognition. With time, many high-profile investors and entrepreneurs have started advising people to invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

Recently, Jim Cramer who is prominently known as the stock-picking personality has given a piece of advice to an unknown person. The unknown person is none other than the Powerball Jackpot Lottery winner from Maryland. This unknown person managed to win a mega-prize of $731 million from the draw that was held on January 20, 2021.

Jim Cramer has advised the lottery winner to make an investment in the largest cryptocurrency in the world ‘Bitcoin’. He has advised the winner to invest 5% of his winnings in Bitcoin (BTC), because it is going to work wonders for him.

However, the stock-picking personality had to more pieces of advice for the winner. He asked the winner not to buy all Bitcoin (BTC) in one go and avoid buying them on weekends. Jim Cramer stated that Bitcoin (BTC) becomes really volatile during the weekends so it would be a risk to invest in it during that time.

Similar to other proponents of Bitcoin (BTC), Jim Cramer also seems Bitcoin (BTC) as a very important store of value. With time, he has started talking the same language that is currently being spoken by Michael J. Saylor. Saylor has emerged as one of the top proponents of Bitcoin (BTC) in the past couple of years.

In the past he used to be among the ones who were skeptical about investing in Bitcoin (BTC). For him, Bitcoin (BTC) was a really volatile asset that made it unstable for making investments. However, his views completely changed around Bitcoin (BTC) towards the end of 2019, when he started talking positive about it through Twitter.

Since then Saylor has invested $100 million plus of his personal portfolio in Bitcoin (BTC). Furthermore, his company ‘MicroStrategy’ has even invested more than $1.12 billion into acquiring Bitcoin (BTC) throughout the year of 2020.

Still, Cramer has given some more advice to the winner around investments to ensure money does not run out. He asked the winner to invest his money into real estate, art, and most importantly, physical gold.

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