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The Crypto-Wallet Launched by Kakao Talk Now has 0.75 Million Users

According to the latest reports, Kakao Talk has made a claim in regards to its user-base for its wallet that it has launched for cryptocurrencies. Kakao Talk is one of the most prominent chat application operator in South Korea.

The company has claimed that it currently has more than 0.75 million users using the cryptocurrency wallet that it had launched. The firm has revealed that the 0.75 million figure is 1% of its total users that are currently using the chat application.

It has been confirmed that the cryptocurrency wallet launched by Kakao is linked with its chat application. The particular cryptocurrency wallet was launched by Kakao back in June 2020.

One of the reporting firms known as TechM from South Korea has revealed that the Kakao Talk’s crypto-wallet is gaining a lot of success. The firm has been gaining steady growth and stability with respect to users and is expected to hit, and cross the 1 million mark very soon.

On the other hand, there are many analysts that are predicting that the KakaoTalk’s crypto-wallet would find it difficult to hit that mark in the coming days.

When it comes to Kakao’s popularity and fame with respect to its primary chat application, the firm simply tends to shock many major chat application companies from around the world.

At present, the total amount of users currently using the KakaoTalk application is more than 50 million. Majority of the users from the 50 million figure are locals from South Africa that are using the application on a regular basis.

It was back in the year 2020 when the Klip wallet was launched by Kakao through GroundX, which is its blockchain arm. At the time of launch, it was announced by GroundX that the native tokens used on the Klip wallet would be kaly tokens. Apart from that, the users on the Klip wallet are also able to use 10 more tokens that are currently flowing through the blockchain platform of Klatyn.

For those who have installed the KakaoTalk application but are having a hard time locating the Klip wallet, then can simply access it through the KakaoTalk interface via a tab.

Just recently, the senior executives from GroundX went ahead and revealed exactly what they are working on in order strengthen the security, usability, and functionality of the Klip wallet.

The executives stated it is extremely important management and transaction of the digital assets is kept on the highest priority. People are most concerned about their funds and the security of funds, which is why it is extremely important they are provided with that service.

Apart from the above, the platform is also planning to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the users.

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