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Tom Brady Pays Bitcoin to a Fan Returning Match Ball Brady Needed Most

Tom Brady, the seven-time winner of Super Bowl made a statement at ESPN in which he offered payment of a Bitcoin to his fan who happened to be in possession of the match ball through which Brady had scored 600th touchdown of his career. The offer was gladly taken and the fan was paid but only if the fan had waited, he would have earned more than US$ 500,000.

Tom Brady is currently regarded as the legendary American Football player who is associated with the team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is a quarterback and in his last match he scored 600th touchdown of his football career. While Brady was running for the 600th touchdown of his life, he was assisted by another player namely Mike Evans. The moment, Brady scored the touchdown, he proceeded to celebrate but, in the meanwhile, Evans accidently kicked the ball out the field. Evans action was not deliberate but it was purely in the moment of celebration. While kicking the ball out the field, Evans didn’t realize that the ball was going to have a historic value for Brady.

The ball indeed went out the field and landed in the hands of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ fan namely Byron Kennedy. Kennedy was standing at the end of the area where the ball landed and he quickly grabbed the ball. But the ball was very important for Brady, who is at the end of his football career. So Brady, without blaming Evans, made an announcement on ESPN right after the match, in which he asked for returning the ball. He obviously knew that the ball now belongs to the fan. However, in order to make an enticing offer, he offered a Bitcoin against the return of the ball.

Upon learning that Brady is offering a full Bitcoin against return of the ball, Kennedy said that the offer is acceptable to him. It was a win, win situation for both, Brady as well as for Kennedy. While Brady can keep the ball but on the other hand Kennedy can own Bitcoin which is worth more than US$ 60,000.

But to some experts, Kennedy is at the losing end of the bargain deal. They think that the ball was priceless and if Kennedy wanted, he could have made Brady sat on a bargain table. At the table, Kennedy could have made Brady pay even more than just one Bitcoin. In fact, if Kennedy had taken the ball and kept it, he could have himself sold the ball at a minimum price of US$ 500,000 at least. In case the ball had been put into an auction, then of course it could have been sold for several million dollars, claimed experts.

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