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United States Government Rewarding Informants with Crypto

People who attended the hacking-related black hat conference that took place in Las Angeles came across a brand new ad. For those who are wondering, this ad was completely different than what most of these people were used to. A large number of individuals who laid eyes on this ad were able to access the ad with the help of an internet network. The name of this network was quite interesting and caught the attention of the attendees.

Named #rewardsnotransoms, people found that the United States government planned to offer crypto-based rewards to anybody willing to offer info regarding hackers. That said, these rewards would only be given to individuals who caught malicious hackers and not ethical hackers. Most of you who are following crypto-related news would be well aware of the fact that the world of crypto is full of cybercrimes. The number of cybercrimes has been increasing quite rapidly, which is why many people step back from the world of crypto.

Recently, there was a big cybercrime attack when a group of malicious hackers robbed a crypto trading platform and took away millions of Dollars. The platform being talked about goes by the name of Poly, and this network face massive losses. Fortunately, however, things got a little better as Poly came across an ethical hacker and hired him to retrieve the stolen crypto. After hours of hard work and dedication, this white-hat hacker was able to retrieve a massive sum of the stolen crypto. Once the amount was returned, Poly decided to hire the hacker and rewarded him with massive compensation.

The United States government, in particular, has been facing a great deal of trouble with these crypto-related hacks. This is the exact reason why there has been an increased urgency in finding white hats or ethical hackers. By releasing the advertisement being talked about, the government of the United States made a clear statement of intent. This intent is to make sure that malicious hacking is done away with and people are able to trade their preferred crypto without the worry of getting robbed online.

Of course, eliminating these issues from the roots is easier said than done but it is good to see the government taking steps in the right direction. According to a large number of resources, the U.S government has shown a willingness to spend more than 25 million in order to reward hackers. With such lucrative awards being offered, it would be fair to assume that more and more people will try their hand at catching these online criminals. That being said, there are still a number of steps that need to be taken to eliminate crypto hacks altogether.

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