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World Wildlife Fund Aims to Save Animals Using NFTs

Over the course of time, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have introduced several products for the benefit of users. Out of all the products introduced by the crypto-verse, one product currently trending the crypto-charts is Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Although the non-fungible token (NFT) sector was launched back in 2017, it did not gain much recognition until 2020.

To be precise, similar to the rest of the sectors operating under the crypto-verse, the NFT sector also gained recognition in 2020. That was the time when the entire world realized how important it was to have access to digital currencies.

The world had also realized how important it was to not only have a sense of privacy but actual privacy. With the passage of time, people have realized how much they have lost depending upon third parties. For decades, the traditional financial players have played with the personal and financial information of people.

Now, people have access to something that is theirs to command and to handle. They do not have to worry about any intermediary or outside interference during their operations.

This is exactly what the NFT sector offers as it allows users to create their own tokens that cannot be used on other blockchains. These NFTs are the sole ownership of the creator and it is only the creator who benefits from these tokens or the ones it wants to take the benefit.

Looking at this benefit, even non-profit organizations from around the world have started rallying to this platform. When doing so, they have two gains in mind, the first one is no third-party interference, and the second one is support from a new community.

From time to time, the cryptocurrency industry has demonstrated that it is generous and thinks about the welfare of nature and humanity. They have carried out several charities as well as donated to several charity programs that have asked for their help.

This time, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is determined to launch its own NFT. The sources confirm that World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has reportedly collaborated with Carbonbase, a greentech startup based in Hong Kong.

Carbonbase is known for adopting technologies that are emerging in order to help reduce the cost of emissions for enterprises and individuals.

It is now confirmed that the Panda Labs division from the WWF is set to launch a marketplace for digital collectibles by collaborating with Carbonbase.

The name of the new marketplace being launched by the firm is “Project Ark”. Similar to other NFT projects, the NFTs created by the firms could be purchased by the collectors at a set price.

By making purchases, the users will acquire digital collectibles belonging to rare classes and help local communities and NGOs.

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